The 5 Most Popular Explainer Video Styles (And How To Use Them!)

Both live action and motion graphics are amazing techniques to use when making an explainer video. Today we’d like to go a little further and ask: why[...]

5 Whiteboard Video Ideas That Will Enhance the Quality of Your Video

There is evidence of whiteboard animation since cavemen! In those times, people would draw pictures of things on the walls to illustrate different poi[...]

Explainer Video Production: How Long Does It Take?

You want to produce and explainer video but you have no idea on how long it could take. 

What's The Best Explainer Video For Your Startup?

If you're thinking about making an explainer video to promote your product, then you have to wisely pick out the style that best suits your company.

5 Tips For Creating the Perfect Whiteboard Animation

When it comes to explainer videos, there are several approaches to choose from.

How Long Should Your Marketing Video Be?

It's a question you might be asking yourself. If you're thinking about developing a catchy marketing video that quickly grabs your target audience's a[...]

Cartoon Animation Is The Most Popular Marketing Video Style, And Here's Why

I'm sure you also love animated characters. Since we were kids, characters have that special thing that makes them so sweet, enticing, warm and memora[...]

5 Tips For Optimizing Your Explainer Videos For Social Media

Today we're going to talk about an explosive combination: video content + social media.

How To Write An Explainer Video Script That Engages People

Did you know that the script of your explainer video is one of the most important parts of it? Basically, the script defines the main structure of you[...]

Inbound Marketing: How to Boost Brand Trust with Video

At Yum Yum Videos, we talk a lot with people who have an awesome brand that offers a unique product through an amazing approach…

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