The Benefits Of Explainer Videos For Mobile Apps

The use of smartphones and mobile devices is rising dramatically. Nowadays, 80% of Internet users own a smartphone and there will be 11.6 billion mobi[...]

Explainer Video Styles That Will Help You Get More Leads

I'm sure you've heard about them by now: explainer videos. This cost-effective and valuable tool can make a huge difference in your video marketing st[...]

8 Tips For Creating A Great Testimonial Video That Converts

What could be better than having others (a real customer, just like any other customers you may have) talking about how great your product is?

Key Metrics You Should Track To Check The Performance Of Your Explainer Video

Success in marketing requires strategy, and strategy needs metrics.

How Explainer Videos Can Increase App Downloads

Did you know that explainer videos are particularly good for promoting your mobile app? (among many other uses).

6 Video Marketing Trends To Try In 2017

New year, new goals! Have you considered including video content in your marketing mix? Don't waste any more time! In 2017 video will make tongues wag[...]

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Marketing Videos for Social Media

Yes! Social media is the place to go when it comes to content marketing.

How To Integrate The New LinkedIn Video Feature In Your Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn has recently launched a new video feature and, although the possibility to create video is currently available for some users, we hope that w[...]

What Are The Most Popular Explainer Video Styles?

As a marketer, you have probably already heard about the advantages of using online video for your company’s communication.

Top 10 Motion Graphics Animations By Yum Yum Videos

Each video production company has its own favorite videos, and so do we! Of course, this does not happen just in video production companies but in eve[...]

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