The week’s almost over! Let’s sit comfy on the couch, have a nice drink and relax by watching some Netflix. By the way, did you know that you can still learn a lot about explainer videos by enjoying a nice movie? Yes, lots of them make  great use out of explainer video techniques!

Keep on reading to find out what they are. Plus, you’ll get 5 ideas of great movies to watch (or re-watch) this weekend!


1. Inside Job: Motion graphics

As you might already know, videos are the catchiest way to explain hard concepts. This is mainly because they are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text: the visuals, the animation, the voiceover and even music and sound effects make them easier for us to understand whatever is being depicted through them than by reading, say, an article or a book. If you’ve watched documentaries, you are surely familiar with this!

Taking advantage of this, Inside Job combines motion graphics, text and voiceovers so that anyone can understand what macroeconomics is -and it isn’t something easy to understand, by the way:

2. Supersize Me: Emotional attachment

What’s also great about animated marketing videos is not only their informative qualities, but that they can make us feel so much, thus, help us relate to what we are viewing right away. When we watch a video, we become immersed in it and create an empathetic connection with the screen. Our brain is wired to mirror what’s unfolding before us as if we were part of the scene, even if we are just sitting passively at home.

For instance, Supersize Me emphasizes what the voiceover is describing through the use of sarcastic animation. In this way, it describes visually what we are listening to but, most importantly, makes us feel angry and repelled by the discovery of what chicken McNuggets are apparently made of:

3. Eurotrip: Engagement

Through the use of funny animation, a good video will keep us entertained while we absorb information that, in another way, we would normally not pay much attention to. Now, that’s engagement! Would you normally be hooked on the introduction credits in movies? The comical airplane-related situations in Eurotrip’s intro won’t let you not be!

4. Humor: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Actually, videos are so expressive that they can make great use of parodies and still be descriptive of what they are parodying. Huh? It’s easier if you watch it yourself!

Fantastic Mr. Fox starts by describing what the fictitious sport Whack-Bat is all about and yeah, we follow through, only that it ends up messing with the arrows on the screen and accelerating the explanation so much that we can only crack up!

5. We Are Your Friends: Use of characters

Another great resource marketing videos and movies use is the portrayal of characters and situations to explain something that introduces itself through the narrative. On We Are Your Friends, Zac Effron plays the cool DJ who happens to explain to the girl he likes what it takes to rock a party:

Not only does he make it look really cool, but we also see several graphic elements that cut through the explanation process: vintage illustrations, text and even some diagrams on the scene incite interest through a probably otherwise duller, descriptive part of the movie.

Impressive, right? Explainer videos have that awesome way of captivating our attention even in the most theoretical bits. And so do great movies! Do you have any other movies that use these video techniques that we could add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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