Did you know that the script of your explainer video is one of the most important parts of it? Basically, the script defines the main structure of your video.

It sets up the foundation for the whole video and will be your guide throughout the entire production process. The thing here is that you need to have a clear idea on how to deliver the message and which elements you should  include to make it highly engaging. And here we are today to help you out with that :) Keep on reading and discover the musts to make a super alluring script!


Firstly, Who Should Make The Script?

Before we move forward with the topic, let me tell you something: if you want to get a professional explainer video, then consider hiring a specialized video production company who can help you with the entire process. This is not a minor thing. If you do it on your own, or if you hire an amateur producer, you run the risk of making a poor video, that ends up being boring and ineffective. Simple logic: to produce a high end video you need a mixture of knowledge, expertise, skills and specific experience in video production. Not just anyone can do this. So take your time to make a conscious choice about who will help you in this endeavor. We have compiled some tips that might be useful for you to choose the right explainer video production for your business. Check them out ;)

Making An Explainer Video Script That Engages

Now we're ready to move on! If you want to make a persuasive and attractive script, keep these tips in mind.

A specific problem of your target audience

Your explainer video script needs to address some specific “pain point” or problem your target audience currently has. It has to be the answer they're looking for. They have to feel connected with the story you're telling, so make sure the script is focused on how your product can help them make their lives easier. Don't brag about the features or the terrific benefits your product has. There will be time for that, but this is not the right moment. Focus on their needs and how your product can solve them.

This video is a good example. Notice how the script is made in a way that the problem of the target audience is clearly expressed.

Your target audience: the main character

Another thing that is highly important to make your script highly engaging is making your target audience “the main star” of your story. Start by defining your buyer's persona (think about the main characteristics your target audience has, such as age, gender, looks, location, how they dress and behave, what they like/dislike, what makes them unique) and then ask your video production company to craft the characters based on this description. The goal here is to generate a strong connection with your target audience to the characters you're presenting. This will definitely make your script much more engaging and also memorable.

Check out this example, in which the characters are 100% aligned with the target audience of the brand.

The classic script structure

Third piece of advice: when developing your explainer video script try to stick to the classic structure. In other words: a good script should have a beginning, a middle and an end. This is highly important as it will give the viewers some context and help them understand the story, instead of throwing away mixed words and images with no logic or sense. So: start your script by explaining the what (what problem your product solves). In the middle, continue with the how (how your product solves your target audience with those problems/needs). Finally, explain why your company is the best alternative in the market to help them.

At Yum Yum we have our own scriptwriting process. Go behind the scenes and discover our way to make it happen!

Last but not least, take a look at this article in which we go over every step of the video production process so that you can have a big picture of what it involves, besides scriptwriting ;)



how to write a explainer video script


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