There are lots of reasons why your company, regardless of its niche or size, should have animated marketing videos. Explainer videos are a powerful to[...]


There are different types of explainer videos out there, but only a few are effective for your business.

4 reasons why your business needs an explainer video

We’ve already reviewed the importance of considering animated marketing videos in order to create a unique identity for your company or startup in a p[...]

How mobile is changing businesses for Animated Explainer Videos

Mobile devices are an important part of people’s lives. Consumers use tablets and smartphones as an extension of their desktops or notebooks, from pla[...]

The importance of color as a marketing tool for your Explainer Video

Today´s society is becoming more and more attracted to visual imaginary, and color plays an extremely important role in our lives.

Being a voice actor: more than you expect

Some people think that voice acting is simply getting paid to talk. In a way, that’s true, although there is so much more to it! When you start as a v[...]

Building a successful explainer video marketing strategy

Today most competitive companies and start-ups are moving to video marketing as an efficient and effective tool to position their brands.

How can Video blogging help your Explainer Video campaign

When you think about blogging, you probably immediately think about writing and how a well drafted blog can help you engage Internet users.

Animated explainer videos: the power of Storytelling

A story has the power to inspire and transform feelings into unforgettable moments by activating a wide variety of emotions in people. Much the same h[...]

5 reasons to use Explainer Videos to advertise your business

In recent years, the growth of technology has provided companies with a wide range of advertising tools.  These tools not only help companies keep up [...]

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