An animated explainer video is essentially a marketing tool that tells your audience -in an entertaining and compelling way- who you are, what you do [...]

Custom Animated Explainer Videos vs. Template Animated Videos

Animated explainer videos are the latest online marketing trend; marketers choose these videos (that explain any business idea in 90 seconds or less) [...]

How to improve your Inbound Marketing with Animated Explainer Videos

As the Internet and new media increasingly become part of our lives, marketing specialists see a major shift in the way that companies advertise and s[...]

Make Your Visitors Take Action!

Most marketing campaigns drive their prospects towards an objective: to purchase a product or service, share content on social media, download a free [...]

[New Infographic] The Future of Online Marketing Depends on Animated Explainer Videos!

Great Scott! I’ve got some awesome news from the marketing future that’ll make you fall off your chair, so hold on to it.

Optimize Your Landing Page with an Animated Explainer Video

Do you notice that when people visit your landing page they leave only after a few seconds? Well, this could be more dangerous than you think for your[...]

Where Should You Host your Animated Explainer Video?

Once you have created your first animated explainer video, you will ask yourself the inevitable question: where should I host it? And there are plenty[...]


Every online company knows that animated explainer videos are the great new thing in marketing their business. Over the last years, major and small br[...]

Do Voice-Overs Really Matter In Animated Explainer Videos?

A Voice-Over is no more and no less than the voice in an animated explainer video (or any other audiovisual piece, for that matter). Is it really that[...]

The Power of Storytelling in Animated Explainer Videos

“Let me tell you a story…”  … we’ve all heard that phrase before, and maybe even the story too. And yet we want to hear new stories and learn new thin[...]

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