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Explainer Video Production: How Long Does It Take?

You want to produce and explainer video but you have no idea on how long it could take. 

How To Write An Explainer Video Script That Engages People

Did you know that the script of your explainer video is one of the most important parts of it? Basically, the script defines the main structure of you[...]

4 Tips For Choosing The Right Explainer Video Company

I'm sure you would make the request to revamp your website to a professional designer.

How To Get A Premium Explainer Video In 3 Simple Steps

At Yum Yum Videos we have a very simple process that we always follow for each video production process, this enables us to get all the information an[...]

How To Research Your Audience And Create Effective Explainer Videos

We consider who we are talking with before we choose our words carefully and this is common sense for everyone.

Don't Underestimate The Structure Of Your Explainer Video Script

Did you know that the script is one of the most important stages of the video production process?

Planning the Best Video Strategy for Your Buyer’s Journey

When planning a video marketing strategy, you must have a clear goal in mind:

Premium Character Design Can Be A Game Changer For Your Explainer Video

Think about this:

Your Explainer Video Soundtrack, The Anonymous Hero

Just like any other stage of the video production process, selecting the soundtrack is another key decision you have to make in order to get the best [...]

Always Ask For A Style Frame When Working With An Explainer Video Production Company

The video production process consists of different key stages, and each of them is highly important in order to get great results.

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