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Inbound Marketing: How to Boost Brand Trust with Video

At Yum Yum Videos, we talk a lot with people who have an awesome brand that offers a unique product through an amazing approach…

3 Tips To Make Videos That Increase Sales

People are constantly using their smartphones and mobile devices to look for information, stay connected with their peers, and also to get informed an[...]

5 Tips to Increase Sales with Inbound Marketing Videos

Are you ready to use video and inbound marketing to boost your sales?  I’m sure you are, because you already know that video and inbound marketing are[...]

Know If Your Marketing Video Will Succeed Before You Launch It

Creating a video is a great experience, and when used in digital marketing, it can be one of the best tools you can add to your campaigns.

How To Boost Your Inbound Marketing Efforts Using Video

Are you thinking about making an explainer video to enhance your marketing strategy?

5 Tips For Driving Qualified Traffic To Your Website Using Video

You've probably heard that video content is a very useful tool to drive qualified leads to your website.

8 Tips For Creating A Great Testimonial Video That Converts

What could be better than having others (a real customer, just like any other customers you may have) talking about how great your product is?

6 Tips To Plan Your Video Content For The Consideration Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey

A sale process always has different stages that are usually best to follow in order, until you get to close the deal. In the case of digital marketing[...]

Smart Video: How to Use Video for the Decision Stage of Your Buyer's Journey

The Internet is becoming more and more of a place for videos. In this content filled world, you need to not only make videos stand out, but also make [...]

Producing The Perfect Video Content For Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Alright, video marketing is the future of content marketing, but what if you could make your videos even more smart?

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