The Internet is becoming more and more of a place for videos. In this content filled world, you need to not only make videos stand out, but also make them as smart as possible.

That’s what we stand for at Yum Yum Videos! In the third of our series on Smart Video, discover how video content can help your brand in the decision stage of your buyer’s journey: just when you need to tie the sales knot!


What Is This Thing About a Buyer’s Journey? How Can It Help My Video Strategy?

To better understand what the buyer’s journey is all about, we need to know the principles of inbound marketing, which focuses on drawing visitors in, as opposed  to marketers having to go out to get their attention. One of the key ways of achieving this is by attracting customers through exciting and helpful content, not plainly through persuasiveness like classic advertising does. To do this, it is key to align your the content to your customer’s needs.

Now that you know what content marketing is all about, you need to know when to deliver it. For this, it is essential that you know your buyer’s –or customer’s– journey: the active research process a buyer goes through leading up to a purchase. It involves three stages:

  1. Awareness: The buyer realizes they have a problem.
  2. Consideration: The buyer defines their problem and looks for options to address it.
  3. Decision: The buyer opts for a solution.

For this reason, when planning your marketing video, it is essential not only to consider targeting, but also at what stage of the buyer’s journey your prospect is on. This is the way to make the right video, for the right customer, at the right time and in accordance to your marketing strategy. See how Smart Video works?

Yummy Fact: 84% of marketing executives say they plan on developing a process to map rich media content assets through the buyer’s journey.

Video Content for the Decision Stage

Alright, then! Let’s get right to the point. The decision stage is the last in the funnel and it means you need to give your prospects enough trust for them to finally choose your product or service. Videos in the decision stage are all about informing your audience about what makes your product unique and different from competitors. Testiominals like the next one are a great resource, just watch: 



But, hey! There are a lot of other businesses who are also unique. That’s why they will be asking themselves these questions:

  • How good is this particular product or service?
  • Is it good value for the money?
  • Is anyone else using it? Who are they? What’s their experience?

Tie the knot! Your goal is to convert your audience into paying customers. And for this to happen, you need a convincing call to action.

Key Questions For the Best Decision Stage Smart Video

#1: What’s My Goal?

Defining your ultimate objective is the definite way to know your time and money will deliver the results you expect.

For your decision stage videos, your goal is for potential customers to become actual customers. This can come in different shapes and sizes depending on your business, such as signing up for a trial or purchasing a membership or a freemium service. Be aware of what it is exactly in your case and take note of how many conversions you make and how long it took you to make them.

#2: What’s My Target Audience?

The target audience will be the same audience that you communicated with in the consideration stage, but with a short list of desired vendors on hand and ready to make a purchase.


#3: Where Will I Publish My Video?

In this stage, your leads will be coming to you to close the deal, so it is recommended that you host it on your website, especially in the information related sections such as the more elaborate product descriptions and pricing pages.

Okay, So What About My Decision Stage Video?

If you need pointers on how to address your video script, take the following points into account: i

  • Prove that you solve your customer’s problem in a unique way. Address their pain points!
  • Deepen the information about your product or service. Your viewers will want to see your product in action, learn about the features you offer and know why it is worth their money.

Regarding your video, be certain about what you will be offering. This is the moment to hit your viewers with your sales enabled content!

Types of Decision Stage Videos

In this instance of your buyer’s journey, people will want assurance on the notion that you are the best solution available to their problem. Of course you can get personal and tell them about it yourself, but other types of proof, especially including satisfied customers’ opinions, are even better! Be sure to include:

  • Video testimonials.
  • Case studies.
  • Product deep dives and process videos.
  • Review videos.
  • Free samples or special deals.
  • About us and FAQs videos.

This is the moment to be the most direct. Brag about yourself! You know you are the best option available, so make sure your leads know this.


Talk about detailed targeting! As you can see, focusing on your customers and their concerns at every instance of their buyer journey is a sure path towards gaining new customers. If you follow through, in this final point of the journey you will be helping drive those conversions!

If you are keen on knowing more about how explainer videos can help your sales skyrocket, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime and we’d be glad to help. Helping brands reach their goals is our main objective.

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