Darkness falls across the land / The midnite hour is close at hand / Creatures crawl in search of blood / To terrorize your… #FridayDelight!

 Yes our dear friends, we’re getting closer to Halloween and things are getting scary here at Yum Yum Videos.

We just watched Perfect Blue and are a bit shocked…! Do you know the film? It is a 1999 anime movie directed by Satoshi Kon and written by Sadayuki Murai. We strongly advise that you to watch it and come back right here to discover some surprising facts about it!

  1. It is an animated film because… the money was gone

Perfect Blue was originally thought as a live action direct to video series, but then an earthquake changed the plans! The 1995 Kobe tremor damaged the production studio, so the budget for the film was reduced only to an original video animation. 


  1. It is really not that related to the novel

The film’s idea was based on a novel named Perfect Blue: Complete Metamorphosis. Nonetheless, Kon and Murai did not think that the original text would make a good film, so they changed some of its contents. Actually, there is a 2002 live action film that is much closer to the novel!

  1. Madonna digs it!

The queen of pop took some clips from Perfect Blue and used them as a video interlude for the song What It Feels Like For A Girl during her Drowned World Tour in 2001.

  1. A scene from Requiem for a Dream was inspired by Perfect Blue

There is a scene in Perfect Blue in which the main character, Mima, is sitting in a bathtub with her face submerged. Then she screams "Bastards!" underwater, and all we see are large bubbles. Requiem for a Dream has a similar sequence, in which Jennifer Connelly is crouching in a bathtub with her face submerged in water and screams in anger, with the same bubbly consequences.


  1. Red actually has a lot to say in Perfect Blue

Spoiler alert! Be sure to watch the film before hitting the play button on this video. But, by all means, do so! It shows really interestingly how red acts a as a metaphor for Mima’s madness and delusion.

  1. “Big Body” is not a reference to pizza fat

There is a “Big Body” pizza box in the infamous stabbing scene which might seem funny to English-speaking viewers, as it might be interpreted in relation to the food's fat content. However, “Big Body” is actually the name of the tenth album of an electronic band named P-Model. One of its members is Susumu Hirasawa, who would later compose music for Kon’s films.

  1. It seems Kon loves Susumu Hirasawa very much

Perfect Blue also contains other references to Susumu Hirasawa! An ad for a “Haldyn Hotel” can be seen in the subway, and shopping bags with the letters “FGG” are used in certain other moments. Both are titles of songs by Hirasawa!


  1. There is an R-rated cut of the movie

Manga Entertainment's 1999 US theatrical release of Perfect Blue was the original uncut version, which was never rated by the MPAA. But a slightly edited R-rated cut was produced for VHS only, for outlets that would not sell or rent unrated films. This R-rated cut was never released on DVD!

  1. Kon is much into Japan’s modern issues

The director of Perfect Blue made other films, such as the famous Paprika, which deal with the blurred lines between fantasy and reality in contemporary Japan.


  1. It got pretty controversial analysis

Some place Perfect Blue on the feminist side, such as Susan Napier, who says thatPerfect Blue announces its preoccupation with perception, identity and performance –especially in relation to the female– right from its opening sequence. The perception of reality cannot be trusted, with the visual set up only to not be reality, especially as the psychodrama heights towards the climax”.

In contrast, other critics associated it with common anime stereotypes of gratuitous sex and violence.

All in all, there is much to be known (and seen!) about Perfect Blue. Have you watched the film? What was your reaction to it? Let us know in the comments below.

Be sure to have a nice creepy weekend! See you next week for more horrifying yummy facts.

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