Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-GLASS-yt-THUMBWith around 1 billion active users and over 4 billion daily video views, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. That been said, it is essential that your company has a healthy presence there.

We managed to get one of our own animated marketing videos to the #1 spot on YouTube under the most relevant keyword for our business: “Explainer Video”. We called it “What is the best explainer video style for your business?”, and you can watch it here:

We definitely know what we’re talking about. With that in mind, we have put together the 10 Best Video SEO strategies to earn a high ranking on YouTube! This is the list, take note of every single practice and apply them!


1. Words Are The Key

If you want your video to be found, you better know what words people are using when looking for videos in your niche. And once you know them, use them wherever you can -in your video’s filename, title, description and tags.

In our case study, see how our main keyword is applied in the title:


Don’t forget to use longtail keywords though (phrases that contain your main keywords but are more specific, so they don’t get so much competition). In our case, the longtail keywords were: “Best Explainer Video Style”.


2. Outside Of YouTube

Before getting to YouTube, your video should have a life of its own outside of it, so make sure to post your video on your social media channels, blogs, newsletters, and even in your email signature! If you manage to give your video a healthy presence in those fields, YouTube will notice it and reward you by suggesting your video in an organic way.


3. Thumbnails

Your video thumbnail is the first thing viewers look at whenever your video comes up in the search, so it offers you a good chance to wow them -even before they watch it! YouTube automatically selects a screenshot for your video, but this isn’t always the best picture, so you need to customize your video thumbnail.

Bear in mind that this is the first impression that you make, so make sure it is a great one! Take your time to create an impressive thumbnail that compels your visitors to press play and turn into actual viewers.



4. The Power Of A Concise Description

When describing what your video is about, you need to be clear, concise and direct. Whoever is about to watch your video should have a solid idea of what they are about to see, so don’t take it lightly!

Descriptions are a good field to place a link to your website in case your viewer is interested in finding out more about your company. Descriptions also act as a great chance to insert keywords, so take advantage of it!

In our case, we just wrote:


Check out how the description of our video is accurate, clear and brief and also includes our main keywords and our website link.


5. Pay For Promotion

YouTube Ads represent a great additional way to help make your video earn more views, especially when you’re starting out. You should really consider investing in this form of paid promotion to get your foot in the door. Later on, you can grow more organically, but remember that at first, things always seem to be an uphill battle, so any boost that you can get is definitely helpful.


6. Encourage Your Viewers To Do Something

If you manage to get people to watch your video, then you should take advantage of that position by asking those viewers to do something you want them to. This is called a Call-To-Action (CTA) and it can take the form of a clickable button in your video. You can encourage your viewers to subscribe, like, comment, share your video, download an eBook or make a sale!

Make sure you leave a clear and direct CTA at the end of your video, and take control of what you want your viewers to do after they’re finished watching. YouTube now offers a slidebar CTA feature called "cards" which looks great by the way:



7. Gain Views

When it comes to gaining views for your video, don’t be shy or afraid to be too ambitious. At the end of the day, nothing speaks louder in terms of the success of your video than the number of views, so don’t apologize for trying to becoming successful!

Post your video in websites like Quora and Yahoo! Answers, get involved in forum discussions, participate in Facebook groups, get heard on Twitter with the aid of popular hashtags. If you can think of any other way to get your video viewed then apply it unapologetically. Don’t feel embarrassed for wanting people to watch your video!


8. Engage Your Viewers

It is one thing that you brag about the number of views your video is getting, but then it’s totally another if those views are leading to concrete achievements. If a lot of people are watching your video but you’re not seeing that success translated into conversions and sales, then those amount of views are pretty much useless.


You need to engage those viewers into actual customers and to achieve this you need to make engaging content, something that compels them to turn into active participants of the dialogue you’re setting. So make sure your video encourages your viewers to get involved in that conversation!


9. Make It Fun!

If you can learn just one thing from viral videos or other successful examples in the YouTube arena is that they’re fun to watch. Fun is contagious and when people really enjoy something they watch, they feel compelled to share it.

If you make a fun video, you’re entitled to enjoy free promotion put forward by your own audience: they will tweet and blog about it, they will post it on their Facebook walls. Long story short: your video will be viewed by many, and YouTube will take note of that!


10. Make The Best Video!

If you make an effort to make the best explainer video possible, rest assured you will be rewarded. And not only by having a great ranking on YouTube but by what’s even more important: your audience’s appreciation.

Your video is a visual representation of what your company stands for, so if your visitors see something of high-quality, this will be the perception they will have of your business. Make the best video you can possibly make and all of these practices will come in handy. Your video will stand out, your audience will appreciate it and YouTube will give it a great ranking.

Here's a neat example of what you could achieve through quality explainer video production:


We hope these video SEO practices really helps your animated marketing video rank high on YouTube! It may be difficult at first to process them, but once you have, you better get ready for all of its benefits!


For further advice on how earn a great ranking on YouTube, download our free eBook: “How To Rank #1 on YouTube” or else visit our Explainer Video Academy and get all of our educational marketing eBooks, infographics and slides. And keep browsing our blog to get the best explainer video production tips.


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