As you might have noticed, 2016 is coming to an end (already?), which means that it is the perfect time to review what it has left us and see what we have learned.Here at Yum Yum Videos we are all in for content marketing, and social media is a huge part of that.  With awesome content, you can not only promote your brand, but also bring beauty and joy to your followers and honestly, who wouldn’t want that?

Read on to learn about the 10 accounts that totally nailed their Instagram game this year and see what you can do to improve yours!


#1: WeWork

WeWork offers beautiful workspaces for people to get things done. Although the “work” subject might not sound like so much fun, they do post beautiful pictures of their workspaces and pretty encouraging posts that really do help you get up and moving.

Another thing they manage to do greatly is capture and share moments from some of the greatest branded events that their community attends , a helpful added value for their followers.

#2: No Your City

No Your City is a documentary series on stories about everyday people from all over the world, but mainly New York.

With Instagram, these folks share gorgeous images of their city. We love how they can still be consistent and true to their brand but get creative and offer new and different content from what you’d get on any other channel. 


As seen by @newyorknico

Una foto publicada por NewYorkNico & Grecobs (@noyourcity) el

#3: Coca-Cola Argentina

Coca-Cola Argentina is a great example of how knowing your target audience can help towards creating relevant content. As such, the photography they share is young and fun as Coke itself, and focuses on sharing great moments.


Lo que no puede faltar antes del partido: amigos, una foto y una Coca-Cola helada. ⚽️ 🙌 😁 🎉 #SentíElSabor

Una foto publicada por Coca-Cola Argentina (@cocacolaar) el

Take a look at their pictures and see how the subjects not only capture Coca-Cola’s fresh spirit, but also how the red tints prevail all over: from conceptual to the visual work, that’s great branding.

#4: Califia Farms

What do you do when you know you’re great at something? You share it with the world! That’s what Califia Farms does on Instagram in a really attractive way.

Their award-winning packaging has become pretty iconic. And as you can see, most of their Instagram photos showcase their products in different scenarios and situations, always pictured in a careful and aesthetic way.


You deserve high-quality cold brew that's ready for any adventure. Black Label goes wherever you go. #BetterCoffeeForAll

Una foto publicada por Califia Farms (@califiafarms) el

#5: New York Air Book

New York Air Book is run by a New Jersey-based photographer named George Steinmetz. Although his photography covers all sorts of subjects from the air, by having a dedicated Instagram account that focuses on NYC, he can keep a niche audience who’s interested in the Big Apple pretty interested. Way to go!

#6: Saturday Night Live

Yes, most top Instagram accounts offer great photography, but what’s really important on social media is to be relevant and interesting to your followers, and that’s something that SNL can do without top quality pictures. Actually, its quirky and spontaneous personality pairs greatly with the content they post, which is mainly behind the scenes material under the hashtag #SNLbackstage… which their fans l-o-v-e.


Backstage with Oliver. -@thexx

Una foto publicada por Saturday Night Live - SNL (@nbcsnl) el

#7: National Geographic

How does a company founded in 1888 which is based on selling a print magazine get awesome at Instagram? Ask National Geographic! Keeping the focus on nature and the fascinating world we live in, they share photos from contributors traveling anywhere… from large cities to desert forests. Simple and stunning.


Photo by @renan_ozturk // Nepal's rich physical and cultural landscapes are the gift that keeps on giving - teaching important lessons in times of turmoil. ~ Pictured here is Pang-gyen Repa, our 'grandmother' during our stay in the Langtang Himalaya. She left Tibet in 1959 for political oppression and created a new life with the Tamang tribe in the central Nepal Himalaya. At night she sleeps in a pig-pile with her granddaughters and by day she works in the high village with more productivity of someone half her age moving firewood and up-keeping the trekking lodge. At night, around the yak dung stove, she sang us ancient songs of the Himalaya. And even though we don't speak Tibetian her expressions told us more than any language could convey. After we left the 2015 Nepal earthquake devastated her home but she is still there, smiling in the face of all odds. #peace #grace #nepaliloveyou @camp4collective

Una foto publicada por National Geographic (@natgeo) el

#8: BBC

News and Instagram? Why not? The BBC has taken advantage of Instagram’s video feature by sharing news clips. In this way, they give their Instagram followers a hint of the most relevant stories of the day.

#9: GoPro

Showing products is one thing, sharing the great moments you can capture with them accomplishes a completely different experience. That’s why GoPro posts photos and videos from their users all around the planet, displaying the wonderful world that is outside our phones and inviting us into the great wilderness. That’s what we call a true adventurer!

#10: Prodjuice

Prodjuice might not be one of the big brands, but their Instagram game is completely astounding. Not only do they achieve a perfect use of color in their products, which is perfectly shown through their 100% translucent and simple packaging, but they also know how to convey this exact same feeling through their Instagram posts.

Notice how every picture is taken in a clean, white setting, while highlighting their products and conveying that clean, natural and refreshing brand personality. Makes you feel better just by looking at them! A total winner.

Are you a follower of any of these accounts? Why do you like them? We’d love to have your feedback! If you have a brand and are ready to step up your content marketing strategy, find out how a smart video strategy can help you accomplish your marketing goals for next year.

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