Content marketing is the best marketing strategy to use on the internet. Video is also the medium that performs the best on the web, on pretty much every measurable level.

And good content is largely about usefulness, so a large part of marketing content is information, which usually requires an explanation. With this alone, you pretty much have the core reason why explainer videos are the best content format to use when aiming for pretty much any marketing goal. But details are important and useful as well, so I’ll break it down for you so you can use the format’s traits for your best interest. Let’s roll!


#1: Get attention

People’s attention span today is about 8 seconds long. This means that you need to get them interested right away. Video has a better chance to do this than text, still images or both combinated, since it has more impact and is more immersive. It’s best to be careful with certain details as you create and distribute your marketing video online, but basically it beats other formats either way. 

#2: Suitable to convince

Persuading requires emotion and reason. Videos are great to trigger emotions, and as for the logic part, there is a reason why they call them “explainer” videos. They can use every kind of image and sound to deliver the logical case, and illustrate it, so the rational aspect of your video will be far more clear to anyone. This video explains the complicated scheme of an advanced click fraud detection business using likable drawings and characters.



#3: It keeps it simple

Being able to deliver moving images, voice overs and other types of inputs simultaneously, explainer videos can condense more information in less time. Its traits make it great even for educational purposes, so if anything can guarantee your audience will understand your message, this format is it.

#4: Everyone likes video...

Video is on the rise. And this is a trend that is not going to stop anytime soon. In fact, by 2020, online video traffic will grow four times than what it was in 2015. You need to be, do and give what your clients and audiences want. That is, and will be video for a long time. Therefore, choose the media that everyone is choosing to present your value offer, and it will be far more effective in turn.


#5: ...and everybody likes mobile too:

The number of mobile users around the world is also on the rise. This means that you need to adapt your content in a way that suits the users of this screen. There are a number of reasons why explainer videos are great content for smartphones: they are brief, they are engaging and they are adequate for micro-moments, among other things. If this is not enough for you, you can always consider that video will be 70% of mobile content by 2021.

#6: And… action!

Persuading is good, but despite the importance of influencing people’s minds, most of the times that won’t be useful if nothing happens as a result. Marketing videos not only convince your prospects that your product is great, they also generate conversions.

gigtown cartoon animation marketing video.jpg

#7: Social Media

It’s not just your audience’s choice and an internet rising star: video also gets shared way more than text and images. However, if you want to release video’s full potential, you shouldn’t just shoot the video, upload it to the social network of your choice and expect the money to flow towards you. You need to put a strategy together and follow a few best practices, but with video you will get better results than with any other type of media.

#8: Reach business decision makers

Research shows that a large number of B2B marketers find it effective to use video, and also consume work related videos as well. Explainer videos are certainly among business owners preferences, considering the rational approach that B2B communication usually has. If you need a sample, you can watch this video, that markets an e-mail marketing tool to marketers.




#9: Boost your SEO performance

Video can get your webpage to rank higher in Google, because it gets people to spend more time on your site and because of its potential to get shared socially, among other things.

#10: Engagement

As aforementioned, video makes people to stay longer on a website, increases click-through rates, gets more shares in social networks… practically every statistic proves this point. Video basically holds your prospects hand through every step of the funnel, until a conversion, or the furthest step possible for any content format available today.

Want to know more about the advantages of using explainer videos? Go ahead and download our ebook about this fantastic resource. Benefit from all its features, outperform your competition and make your business reach a new level.


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