Animated_explainer_video_ROIVideo has become the most cost-effective marketing tool of all. It's a powerful resource but, despite this, many companies are still ignoring it.

Today we're going to give you 10 reasons for you to use as inspiration to finally start using video and enhance your marketing initiatives. 

Let's begin with a great video that has been selected by Hubspot as one of the best explainer videos on the web in 2015:


Now, let's understand why video is the king of content…


Including an animated marketing video above the fold in your home page, for example, works as a great technique to attract potential customers. This way you can increase your website's visit time by 8 seconds up to 2 minutes on average, while boosting your SEO efforts!


Many websites are using personalized video experiences that are tailored specially to their target audience's specific needs and buying habits. In the case of an animated marketing video, you can also generate strong identification towards your brand and product. If you want to learn more, read this article



Video gives you the possibility to show off your culture and brand identity. Custom animated videos are great to use to explain your business idea in just a matter of seconds while enhancing awareness, by using the colors of your brand. 


Video can be educational, informational, and entertaining at the same time. It's the most powerful way to tell a story and to trigger an emotional reaction. Animated marketing videos specifically use the power of storytelling to help companies reach their target audience. With an animated video, any business idea (story) can easily be remembered. 



Video content is fun, cool, appealing and attractive like no other medium. Audiovisual content is highly engaging and influencing: it involves both visual and auditory senses and it has a stronger effect on the human brain (people feel more attracted to motion than to plain text). 


Video has the ability to make communication more personal than other types of channels. It also fosters trust and strengthens the relationship between customers and the product. Character animation videos, for instance, are great to use to portray an emotional approach. If you want to learn what the best animated explainer video style for your business is, check out this video



The future is mobile and video content is your great opportunity to reach this audience. Video content can be 100% mobile-friendly and you can't lose that big chance of accessing this channel! If you want to know if your  video is mobile-friendly, read this article.


Video is one of the most shareable forms of marketing content. They work perfectly for social media, e-mail marketing campaigns, and more. They have that special charm and that strong level of engagement that make people want to share them with their peers.

#9: SEO 

Search engines reward good content, and videos can turn into great content, keeping visitors on your site for  longer periods of time . Video is also the only way to be on YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world. YouTube videos also rank in Google searches, which empowers your SEO efforts and allows you to gain more visibility.  If you want to reach the top of the rankings, download our free eBook on “How to rank #1 on YouTube”.


Video has proven to be incredibly effective in terms of conversions and sales. They build branding, give more visibility, generate awareness and love towards your brand/product, and all this has a direct impact on your conversions and sales. Explainer videos, for instance, can raise sales by 20% on average, and in some cases, it has been even 60%, like Crazy Egg's owners say.

Then, what are you waiting for? Start using videos to reach your customers and experience by yourself all the benefits they can bring! We have developed a special eBook that can help you choose the best explainer video company for your business.

We also invite you download many other eBooks, slides and infographics from our Marketing Video Academy to continue learning about this fascinating world of video marketing.


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