Did you know that explainer videos can raise conversions by 20%? This type of video content is a great alternative to promote your startup and get new leads, but in order to do so, you need to follow some basic guidelines- if you try to innovate or improvise you'll probably waste time and resources as it won't get you the ROI you're expecting. So, today we're here to share 10 valuable tips to make the perfect explainer video to promote your business idea. Check them out!


#1: Know Your Audience

Take some time to know your target audience in depth: this way you'll then be able to develop a video that generates a strong connection with your audience towards the story you're telling: they will feel that the video was specially made for them!

Just as an example, in this video the characters represent the target audience of the brand perfectly.

#2: Keep It Short

Your video must be short and straightforward to get your audience's attention and maintain it: don't make it any longer than 90 / 120 seconds. Also, use it to simplify ideas without losing the main concept. This is the “spirit” of an explainer video, deliver a simple message in an entertaining -and brief- way.

#3: Focus On The Benefits

When making an animated marketing video, always focus on the main benefits your product offers to your target audience. Forget about the features! You'll have time to talk about that later. At this stage, you need to make it clear for your prospects to understand how you can make their lives easier.


#4: Keep High Quality Levels

A poor quality video won´t be beneficial at all: it will damage your brand and shoo away any prospect that could be interested in your proposal. Better yet, make sure you keep high quality levels through every stage of the video production process (the script, the voice-over, the animation, the illustrations, etc.). .

#5: Take Advantage Of The Music

The music and the sound effects are a very useful resource to reinforce your message and make the video even more engaging and memorable. Look at how this lively music helps to pass out the key messages in this video.

#6: Work On A Custom And Appealing Script

The script is probably one of the most important elements of the video production process. It will set up the foundation of your video. Having this in mind, it's vital that you customize it. Secondly, make sure you make it appealing and fun, and that you add a good dose of creativity so as to make it highly engaging.  

#7: Plan The Launch

Don't forget about planning the launch of your video: this will be essential to give it the right promotion. At this point, decide which video hosting platform you will use, and work on a marketing plan that gives you a direction and clear goals to pursue.

#8: Apply The Branding Guidelines

By applying your brand identity in your marketing video you will make it easier for your audience to understand that your company is the one behind that value proposition. Hence, include your logo and also use a color palette that has to do with your identity across the whole video.

kala motion graphics explainer video.jpg

#9: Take Care Of Quality In Each Stage Of The Process

Paying attention to the quality in each stage of the video production process is very important so as to get to the best results...in time. This way you'll avoid delays and make sure you get the results you want, by meeting the deadline you have previously set up.

#10: Include A Call To Action

You shouldn't forget about including a Call To Action in your explainer video! It's your ace up the sleeve to guide your leads to the next step they should take. Review this blog post in which we analyze how to use Call To Actions in an effective way.

Remember that we said that the script is a key element of the video production process - if not the most important one! We invite you to download this free eBook in which we give you some valuable tips on how to write a good script. Enjoy it!

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