You know that your product is awesome and we know that you product is awesome. And, of course, you want your leads to know that your product is awesome!


The thing is that you can’t just tell them that, because being too self promotional just feels tacky because itlacks credibility.

This is where testimonial videos come in.

Testimonial videos are powerful, because your customers will trust each other more than anyone else. It’s a resource that will probably work at various stages of your video marketing strategy, but that work especially well during the decision stage of the buyer’s journey: successful customer experiences will give your leads an extra incentive to take the final step to the purchase phase.

These are the best tips to create the perfect testimonial video:

  1. Make it natural
  2. Don't use a script
  3. Put the video into context
  4. Prepare your questions, but not marry them
  5. Give your interviewee some time to prepare
  6. Do a scouting on the place you'll be filming

#1. Make it natural

You want your testimonial video to feel authentic and believable. Capture a natural response.

#2. Don’t use a script

For it to be authentic, it needs to have authentic answers. Don’t write a script, let your interviewee use their own words. (Let them show their love for you in their own way!)

Look at this example of a testimonial video by one of our clients. We made a high-quality animated explainer video for them, and they happily joined us to shoot this testimonial:

#3. Put the video into context

Where are you shooting your video? Is it in a building, an office? Show your viewers around. Don’t let your video just be a talking floating head, give it some context.

#4. Prepare your questions, but don’t marry them

It’s important to write down some questions, to know how to guide the conversation, but don’t forget that this is exactly what it should be: a conversation. Listen to the answers they give you so you can ask follow up questions, and don’t be afraid to go a little off track - sometimes you’ll find some golden content in those tangents.

#5. Give your interviewee some time to prepare

Preparation starts  before you have your interviewee on camera. Instead of giving them the exact question list, it’s best to provide a general idea of the topics you’ll be covering during the interview, so they won’t be tempted to practice too much. If they are too worried about speaking and hitting everything perfectly, it will sound robotic.

#6. Do a scouting of the place you’ll film in

Look around the place you will be filming in: finding a nice frame and good lighting is essential.


#7. Lay out a structure for the video

It can be a storyboard or just a general layout of the structure you will follow in your testimonial video. By doing this, you will be able to film some insert takes to use as an example of what’s being said during the interview.

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#8. Give your customer some time to talk about their experiences

As I said before, let the interview be a conversation. Let your customers speak freely, the result of this is that you’ll have enough material to choose from, when editing.

#9. Include the pain points of your clients

What was the thing that your customer was struggling with, and what did your product do to help? Include the pain points of your clients and explain how their problems were efficiently solved, as this will make your viewers feel connected  to your video and also it will demonstrate that you can actually help them.

#10. Edit!

During the editing process, choose the best takes of your interview to create a video with good rhythm and of a correct length for web usage, but always stay faithful and honest to what was said in the interview. Edit wisely.


Remember: A testimonial video is not only about you, but instead about the impact your product or service had on your customers. Let that speak for itself, and your leads will soon be convinced that what you say is true, your product really is awesome!

If you’d like to see more great examples of testimonial videos, come and watch what our clients have to say about us!

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