Have you already tried out any video marketing strategies? In this blog post we will present some interesting statistics that might give you a hand in making wiser marketing decisions to improve your ROI, while also doing some benchmarking. Read on!


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61% of businesses are currently using video as a marketing tool.

Take-away: An increasing number of marketers are starting to use video content as part of their marketing strategies: video is engaging, entertaining, 100% trackable, easily shareable and it also makes information more digestible.

76% of businesses who use video believe that it provides a good ROI.

Take-away: if you invest in video content you can be sure that every cent is worth it. Video content is easily trackable using different techniques and consequently you can make the necessary adjustments to your campaign. If you want to learn more about video ROI, read this article.

Homepage videos increase conversions by 20% or more.

Take-away: if you place a video above the fold in your home page you can have a significant boost in the conversion rates. You can also use visuals to guide your visitors to them and find it. Make sure you choose the right thumbnail and make the Play button look big and nice to encourage your visitors to click on it.


Take-away: it's always vital to work on a high quality video to get the best marketing results. Always go for the best explainer video you can get Remember that the quality of your content will have a direct impact on your brand’s image and on the engagement you might generate with your audience. Take care of it! The best way to do this is by hiring a talented team of professionals who can assist you during the whole production process. Read this article and get more tips!


Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

Take-away: as video content is highly engaging, it helps you increase the time-on-page rate of your website. As this is one of the metrics Google considers when ranking websites in its search engines, this means that video content (viral videos, animated explainer videos, interviews, fictional content) can help you improve your position in Google, get more visibility in this search engine, and drive more organic traffic to your site. YouTube videos also appear in search engine queries and this broadens your reach even more.

45% of businesses that use video say they have an explainer video on their homepage, and 83% say their home page explainer video is effective.

Take-away: as we've mentioned, placing a video in your homepage is a great way to boost your conversion rates. Keep in mind that this is one of the best in-site places to promote your video.

Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.

Take-away: embedding an animated marketing video in your landing page helps you grab your visitor's' attention and makes them stay longer as well as  allows you to educate them about what you have to offer. All of these factors  increase your chances of raising your conversion rates.

Including a video in an introductory email increases the click-through rate by 96%. That’s nearly twice as many people clicking through to your website when you include a video in your marketing emails.

Take-away: video is engaging, appealing, and it's also quick and easy to understand. Including video content in your email campaigns is a very effective way to trigger your audience's curiosity and encourage them to go to your website for more information.


Animated video production for "PROJECT STATUS" by Yum Yum Videos.


YouTube is 11.3 X bigger than Facebook in terms of hours viewed, both on the web, and in-app.

Take-away: YouTube is a great platform for you to expand your reach and gain more visibility (it´s currently the #2 largest search engine and #3 largest social network on Earth). But as there are so many videos on it, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself. If you want to learn some useful video SEO tips to get higher in YouTube's rankings, you can download our eBook on the topic.

87% of businesses who use video say they use it on social media. Of these businesses, 78% say they believe it to be an effective tactic.  

Take-away: social media platforms are another great channel in which you can distribute  your videos and they can work really well. You can also make use of targeted ads to obtain new leads and gain more exposure.

76% of users say they would share a branded video with their friends if it was entertaining.

Take-away: it works like this: video is attractive, informative, fun, emotional, and also cool. They fit in perfectly with the “social” logic and people love sharing them with their peers. In fact, videos are the most shareable type of content.


40% of consumers state that video increases the chance that they'll purchase a product on their mobile device.

Take-away: going mobile is not just a trend, it's the actual status quo. Consider that mobile video consumption is growing at an average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 66% between 2014 and 2019, accounting for the highest rate of growth across any other mobile application category, excluding M2M traffic.

74% of millennials find video helpful when comparison shopping.

Take-away: millennials love video in many senses. They also have strong consumption habits and if we mix this with the fact that they prefer video to text, it's understandable that they find video content so helpful when comparing two products.

4 x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.  

Take-away: not only do millennials prefer video to text. Most Internet users do. That's because video content is faster, more entertaining, and it also makes information easier to understand. If you want to know how you can integrate video content with traditional text content, read this post.


Take-away: making a high quality video is vital if you want to really add value to your audience, while taking care of your brand image. Your video will talk about you and about your product. If you make a bad quality video, people might think that your product or service could be bad too.

As you can see, an effective video marketing strategy can help you boost all your campaigns. Animated marketing videos, in particular, give you a wide range of creative possibilities to communicate your value proposition, without the need of investing as much money as you should if you made a production with real people. If you want to learn more about how videos can fit into your marketing campaign, download this free eBook.

We also invite you to surf our blog for more helpful information on video production, SEO tips, the latest marketing trends and more.




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