Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-The-Future-of-Online-Marketing-2015-THUMBWe all knew this day would come: 2015 is here and so is  the future of online marketing!

The big news is that most surveys, influential blogs and online marketers are all talking about the same thing: how the future of online marketing depends on video

Keep reading and learn for yourself why animated explainer videos are the future of online marketing! Also, you can get our free infographic over here.



Let’s start with the words from the most relevant social media players on the Internet:

Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg himself has recently announced that his social network will double its video marketing efforts this year, claiming that “if you look in the future, a lot of the content that people share will be video. It's just very compelling!"

Twitter: the microblogging network aims to become a full online media platform in 2015 and has just announced not just new video promotional services but also revealed the will to launch its own native video player, declaring war on YouTube.

YouTube: the world’s 2nd largest search engine hasn’t given signs to fight Twitter back yet, but later last year announced an upgrade on its analytics tool so that users don’t need to go back and forth between Goolge AdWords, simplifying video marketing strategies on YouTube.




Wow! The most important social media CEOs in the world mention online video as the most powerful form   of marketing content in each one of their speeches and announcements; this is a fact you can’t ignore in your future marketing and social media strategies. But let's keep going!


Let's look at some present-day statistics:

• 81 % of American marketers are using online videos in their online campaigns and 73% plan to increase their video marketing budget this year.

• Video is the most shared content on social media. On Facebook, for example, online videos are shared 12 times more than pictures and text combined.

• YouTube is the main video hosting site and also the 2nd largest search engine in the world, which makes it bigger than Yahoo! and Bing.



And now check these outstanding video marketing predictions for 2018:

• Nearly 90% of the world’s Internet traffic will be in the form of video.

• 66% of mobile traffic worldwide will also be online video.


Amazing, huh? Now you have solid proof that video is the future of online marketing!


But why animated explainer videos?

After all this information, why do we (and most marketers) claim that this kind of animated marketing videos are the best types of content to seize this future (and not any other form of video content)?

Well, webinars, screencast videos and live-action shorts can be really good marketing tools and deliver great results… but animated explainer videos are the only ones that affect all of your marketing campaigns at the same time, by:

1. Boosting your website’s online visibility: these marketing videos increase the average website visit time by 2 minutes, making Google consider your site as of user interest and ranking it higher in its search engine. Read on.

2. Increasing your sales: due to their compelling nature, animated marketing videos boost conversion rates by 20% on average. Read more about this matter.

3. Building your personal brand: custom animated marketing videos help you to build a personal brand by getting closer to your audience on an emotional level. Read our full article on this subject.

 So now you know the truth: animated explainer videos are the future of online marketing indeed!


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