Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-3-STYLES-thumbI’m sure that you’ve already bumped into these cute animated marketing videos called explainer videos. They’re everywhere on the Internet, from websites, social media channels and online ads! But have you noticed that there are different animated marketing video styles?

Today we’ll show you the 3 most popular animated marketing video styles and why marketers prefer each one of them. Let’s watch some!


#3 Whiteboard Animation Video (click for more examples)

Whiteboard animation is one of the classic and best explainer video styles. It’s used due to its great educational power, because what’s more educational than a whiteboard?

Besides, thanks to the use of animated characters, they bear a human side which allows them to get closer to the target audience without losing its explanatory power.


#2 Motion Graphics Video (click for more examples)

Graphic design has been used to explain things for decades, but its power is greater when you add digital animation to it. This technique is excellent to use when trying to explain abstract concepts, thanks to its great power of synthesis.

Another great advantage of using motion graphics is that it can be easily mixed with other animated video styles, such as cartoon animation, resulting in a concise explanation but without losing the human touch of animated characters.


#1 Cartoon Animated Video (click for more examples)

This is the favorite technique for most marketers. The main reason is that it’s the one that gets more personal to the target audience. The use of characters, backgrounds and colors reach the audience on an emotional level, growing identification within them (because they feel represented) and see the brand trust.

In order to achieve this, cartoon videos must be customizable and not plain template videos (pre-designed videos), because the viewer should feel that the video’s been crafted especially for him or her in order to grow this identification feeling.


These have been the 3 best explainer video styles for most marketers. Which one suits you better? If you can’t make up your mind yet, watch our fun short video to help you decide: “What Is The Best Explainer Video Style For Your Business?


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