Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-bunny-THUMBAs you may know, there are different styles of animated explainer videos, but one of the most popular choices is whiteboard animation, because it helps to instantly grab people’s attention and predispose them to learn.

So if you want to have a whiteboard explainer video as part of your marketing campaign, you definitely need to read this article, because you’re about to learn how to make an awesome whiteboard explainer video with the use of some hidden tricks we have.


Not every explainer video production company reveals its secrets, actually it is nearly impossible that they get to do it. But at Yum Yum Videos, we’re not like the rest and we just can’t keep our mouths shut. So take advantage of it and discover our very own 3 greatest secrets for whiteboard video production!


Secret #1 – Animated Characters

In pretty much all whiteboards videos, characters are present, but the boring part is that in most cases they’re not animated.

In whiteboard video production it’s not mandatory to have animated characters, but at Yum Yum Videos, we always include them because a little animation doesn’t hurt anybody and it makes the characters look alive, making your video more engaging and entertaining, allowing people feel empathy towards those characters. Plus, with no doubt, it is just awesome and makes your video stand out among the rest!

Nevertheless, be careful. Not every explainer video production company applies this kind of animation in their whiteboard videos, so choose the company you’ll work with wisely and make sure they apply character animation.

Meanwhile, look at how the use of animated characters helped with the development of this story: 


Secret #2 – Interconnected Drawings

If you’ve seen whiteboard animation videos you should know that they engage the viewers with the emotion of anticipation. After all, the story is being drawn right in front of their eyes, and they’ll always be wondering what comes next.

The second secret consists precisely in taking advantage over this attribute with the use of interconnected drawings to keep the audience more aware. To make your whiteboard video this way is a bit more difficult but the result is worth it.

Connected drawings make your video super appealing, because viewers can see how one thing is being connected with the other, creating one whole storyline.

Moreover, if your video has too many cut-ups and swaps or several draw-and-erase parts, making everything start from the scratch in multiple times; it will lose that anticipation effect and won’t be engaging and neither charming.

See how we connected drawings in this whiteboard explainer video, where the illustrations made were in fact part of the brand logo:


Secret #3 – We Use Colors!

Traditionally, whiteboard explainer videos are black and white, and most explainer video production companies keep them like that, but truth is we don’t! We actuallly cheat a bit. But, don’t worry it’s not a bad thing; we do it for the best results!

When making whiteboard animation videos, we like to add colors here and there. This is not about making it colorful, because then the videos will lose their whole charm and essence, and we don’t want that to happen.

The secret is to use your brand colors in specific spots of the animated video. This will make it stand out and will increase the recalling, meaning the audience will be able to remember your brand (and colors) long after watching the video.

Look at how we applied a hint of colors in key spots to highlight the brand in this whiteboard animation video about click fraud problems:

Now you know how to make your video shine and stand out among the competition. Apply these secrets we kindly share with you in your next whiteboard video production and you’ll have excellent and satisfying results.


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