Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-DOUBT-thumbsYou sure know that an animated explainer video can be a great first impression to your potential customers.

This animated marketing video will represent your brand across the web, on your landing page, social media sites, etc., so it's a chance to be in your audience’s good books.Therefore it’s imperative to produce a quality video that engages your audience and makes them want to share it, and that’s why you need to choose the best explainer video production company to suit your business.

But how can you tell a good one from a bad one? In other words; how do you actually evaluate an explainer video production company?


Here are 3 key spots that will help you on that quest:


1. Quality

For the untrained eye, spotting a quality video production company can be difficult. The problem is that if your video isn’t good enough, you certainly won’t get the marketing results you are looking for. Why is that? Because people won’t watch a bad quality video completely to the end and your brand will give off a terrible first impression, no one will share the video on social media, and you will waste your efforts.

But don’t despair! Here are the main indicators to detect a good explainer video company from  a bad one (you can get many more of them in our exclusive free eBook):


Character Animation:

Animated characters in the chosen company’s animated marketing videos should look alive! The truth is that lively characters transmit emotions that the viewer relates to. Their expressions and movements, even the way they walk, need to be smooth and well-animated in order to engage the audience and help to better develop the story of the video. If not, people won’t connect and the video will lose effectiveness.

Check the lively character animation on this fun animated video of ours:




Original Designs:

An animated marketing video is made to create a bond between the brand and the audience, so all the visual designs should be focused on the brand’s target audience and not be just a template or pre-made stuff. Characters and backgrounds need to be familiar to a potential customer, so you need to verify if the video production company you’re evaluating can offer custom marketing video production services.



A good marketing video should communicate a clear message without boring anyone. You ought to watch a couple of videos from the company you’re evaluating, and see if you understand the overall message in them. The video company of your choice should be able to create an engaging story that makes people more willing to watch the video all the way through. So always look for creative and entertaining storytelling.





2. Expertise

In order to evaluate an explainer video company’s expertise, you’ll need to go through their  portfolio. Check to see if they’ve made a good number of videos, look for the kind of clients they’ve worked with (big brands, startups, and so on), and also see if they’ve made some animated videos similar to what you are looking for.

Here’s our portfolio for you to evaluate.


3. The Explainer Video Production Process

You must be comfortable with the video-making process the company offers and understand it through and through. A professional explainer video company should allow you to give your own feedback and personal opinion during every step of the process. This process should also be organized, simple and practical for you in order to make it a remarkable video-making experience.

Here’s our own animated video production process, easily explained step by step:


To sum up, bear this in mind: every time you look for quality and expertise -instead of pricing- things get way clearer for your final outcome.


If you want to learn more about animated marketing videos, please visit our Explainer Video Academy and download our free eBooks, infographics and slides to boost your video marketing campaigns on social media, or else keep browsing our daily blog to get the best explainer video production tips.

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