We’d like you to think for a moment, about all the animated videos you’ve seen. You’ve probably seen quite a few and enjoyed some of them a lot; maybe even shared them with friends. Why do you remember some more than others? What made them stand out? What is it that made them “sticky”? 

There are many books and much research devoted to understanding why some things stick in our memories, while others don’t. However, during our years of experience making explainer videos here at Yum Yum Videos, we’ve noticed three, important, key traits that we’ve named: the Shiny-Object Effect”, the Ten-Pounds-of-Stuff-in-a-Five-Pound-Bag Effect”, and the You-Got-Peanut-Butter-in-My-Chocolate Effect”. 

Here’s how we break them down:

1. Shiny-Object Effect:


This one is all about the novelty of the video concept. Through the use of animation, animated videos are capable of delivering surprising visual metaphors, which are impossible to achieve otherwise. Surprise and amuse your viewer with something they haven’t seen before, or combine ideas in a whole new way, so that they continue thinking about you, long after the explainer video ends. 


2. Ten-Pounds-of-Stuff-in-a-Five-Pound-Bag Effect: 

It’s not about packing your video with information that overwhelms, but rather the opposite; conveying complex ideas in a simple, succinct way. Like that famous shortest of short stories by an unknown author, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” which delivers a world of meaning in just six words. The combination of audio explanation and visual messaging in animated videos gets your story across to potential customers quickly, in a way no website can. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!


3. You-Got-Peanut-Butter-in-My-Chocolate Effect:

A famous idea created by Reese… a collision of preferences that adds up to something bigger and better, which creates an “ah-ha!” moment with the viewer. This is a form of emotional transference; a way to resonate with your target audience by echoing common feelings and experiences on an emotional level. Make someone feel something and it can’t really be unfelt. Do it well and you create a bond that helps them remember you positively, at a deeper level.

By using a combination of these three things, you can achieve that “stickiness” that will help make your explainer video a success. 

So, what about the importance of humor? Life is busy and people appreciate when the information they need is delivered in an entertaining, easy to understand way. Humor is a wonderful way to create all three of the effects described above. Humor IS sticky! 


Here’s how it relates to the above: 


1. “The secret to humor is surprise” said Aristotle way back in three hundred and something BC, and that still holds true today.  Surprise is funny. Often, the things that make us laugh are the ideas that startle us into a new way of seeing the familiar, or a completely unexpected combination of ideas. Our brains are engaged and we tend to remember this kind of stuff.  


2. Humor can carry a lot of weight in a succinct message . The punch line of a joke is a great example. In just a few words it slams the idea home and the entire lead up of the joke is cast in a new light. Illustrated humor helps stuff that ten pounds of knowledge into the five pound bag delivery system by packing lots of meaning into a small, surprising package. 

3. Lastly, humor engages the primitive, emotional side of us. It speaks first to the “Captain Kirk” in us, who then translates and transfers those feelings to the logical “Spock” side of us. This is important because much of what we humans do is triggered first by emotional reasons and it’s only later that we rationalize those actions. Delivering an emotional response to viewers is like guiding them with an invisible hand and nothing sticks like feelings.

So, it’s time to bring on the humor and get sticky with it! Consider adding a humorous approach to your next explainer video production. Depending on your product and target audience, this could be subtle, sarcastic, “punny” or you may want to go for the broadest form of slapstick.

No matter what form of humor you choose, you’ll be tapping directly into that sticky power of stickiness and the opportunity to get a whole new audience stuck on you!  

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