Feeling kryptonized?

Do people keep on leaving your website after a quick glance?

Does it seem like someone is preventing you for engaging with your potential customers?


If you can’t tell who your company’s #1 enemy is yet, let’s call it by its name: Bounce Rate is the villain of online marketing.

Its evil power grows when your visitors only glance at your landing page and leave in the first few seconds, never to return. No leads, no engagement, no conversion, no sales, no nothing. In order to keep your online business running, Bounce Rate has to be stopped and reduced!

But, what can you do to stop its wicked force?

This looks like a job for your own personal superhero: animated explainer video!


An explainer video is a marketing video that explains, in an entertaining and engaging way, who you are, what you do and how you can solve your audience’s problem.

Let’s read through the three main abilities that show why this powerful marketing tool has the characteristics of the superhero that can save your day:



Pay attention, human!


In 2014, human attention span is about 8 seconds long. That’s actually lower than a goldfish’s, and the main factor that feeds our enemy, bounce rate.

Shocked? Ok, don’t despair because, by placing an animated marketing video on your landing page, you’ll catch visitors’ attention immediately, and they’ll stay an average 2 minutes longer(comScore). So, from the initial 8 seconds, that’s an instant 1500% boost!

Be smart, and place it above the fold. Make it big and appealing, and choose an attractive still image to entice your visitors to press play.



Google up!


The amount of time visitors spend navigating your website directly affects your rank on search engines, and if you don’t appear on Google, it doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, because nobody will find it.

You must locate and kill the hideous bounce rate to get those visitors to stay on your site and eventually turn them into customers. An animated marketing video can be your best friend in that task, because video is 53 times more likely to appear on Google’s first pages than plain text (Forrester).

Also, don’t ever forget to add relevant keywords to your videos’ headline on your website, blog and YouTube channel. Smooth your visitors’ path, because the cozier they feel, the easier you’ll lower your bounce rate to zero.



It’s bird, it’s a plane… It’s a higher conversion rate!


You must be aware of your villain’s most destructive power: Bounce rate reveals your marketing weakness, because it tells you, in numbers, the amount of people that didn’t engage with your brand. In other words, bounce rate is showing you that you’re losing money.

An explainer video that lasts less than 2 minutes assures you that your potential customers get your business idea quickly, and they watch it until the end (Wistia).

Even better, if they do watch it completely, you get 65% more chances to convert (visitors into customers), leaving the wicked bounce rate defeated and useless.


An explainer video can be the most profitable and cost-effective way to engage with your audience immediately, appearing on the first pages of Google and turning your casual visitors into the most faithful customers.

Fly high, and call the best marketing superhero to defeat bounce rate once and for all!



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