Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-KALA-3-THUMBThe quality of an animated marketing video can make a huge difference when trying to convert your visitors into actual customers. You really need to take care of every component of your video.

The way the characters are animated, how every element is displayed on the screen, how good the video transitions are…all this and more will affect the quality of your video. Today we´d like to share with you 3 big reasons why you should ALWAYS aim at making a high quality animated explainer video.


Animated video production for "KALA" by Yum Yum Videos.


If your video is boring, tedious or is of  bad quality, you will lose the engagement of your audience. If visitors don´t feel attracted to the story you´re telling and the way you do it, they won´t invest a second of their precious time, and they will just leave and look for a better offer. You will end up losing those customers forever. Hence, why we strongly recommend that you take full advantage of the strong power of engagement that animated explainer videos can provide. By making a high quality production: you´ll then experiment by yourself how animated marketing videos can boost conversions by 20% on average!

Watch this catchy example that has all the elements that every high quality animated marketing video needs:



If your video is of low quality, you have probably neglected your marketing goals and your target audience… and if you miss these two key elements, your video will lose efficiency and you´ll be disappointed with the poor results. In this case, high quality means, firstly, picking the right type of animated marketing video that best fits your marketing goals, and secondly, crafting the characters and landscapes by having your target audience in mind, so that they feel identified with and you generate trust and brand love.

Tip: if you need help in choosing the right animated video style that best suits your business, this tutorial is perfect for you.

This animated video was made to capture the marketing goals and the specific target audience of the product.




The quality of your video will have a direct impact on your brand´s image and reputation. A business that does not care about the quality of its animated marketing video could never generate trust in its potential customers. We recommend that you always focus on making a high quality video that includes the colors of your brand identity: this way, your target audience will be able to easily link your product to your brand, and will recall it better afterwards. Just like a high quality video can extol your brand, a bad one can ruin it for good.


Animated video production for "APPIER" by Yum Yum Videos.

Tip: besides all these elements, the script also plays a key role if you aim at creating a great video.  If you would like to know the basics of the scriptwriting process, you can download our free eBook on How to write a script for an explainer video.

Would you like to know which specific aspects you should bear in mind when evaluating the quality of a video? Read this article and figure them out! You can also learn more tips on video production by reviewing all of the educational content we´ve compiled in our Explainer Video Academy. Enjoy it!


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