Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-Script-help-THUMBThe script is an important part of the explainer video production process, and it’s not an easy task.

Every explainer video company has their own secrets on how to make their animated marketing videos, but we are not your average explainer video company, because we can’t keep our mouth shut!

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So today we are going to reveal our 5 secrets for making the best script for your video. Let’s check them out:

#1. Focus on Your Target Audience

It seems like a basic rule, but why isn’t everyone doing it?. A lot of startup videos fail because they are not correctly focused on their target audience. To avoid this, just follow these rules:

  • Really know your audience before you start your script
  • Try to focus your script on how to solve their problems
  • Don’t try to sell them your product, just explain how it can help them.
  • Talk to them in their own language

Here's is an example of how to target a specific audience in an animated marketing video.



#2. Use the Classic Structure

Don't try to reinvent the wheel!. Use the traditional and classic movie structure (beginning, middle and end) that has been working for over a Century in Hollywood movies in your animated marketing video script:


  • In the Beginning – Explain “What” problem your product solves.
  • In the Middle– Say “How” your company solves that problem.
  • In the Ending– Explain “Why” your brand is good enough to be chosen among the competition.

This is one of our best explainer videos, check out how we use this classic structure:



#3. Don’t Make it Boring!

Make your animated video script: Fun, engaging and short!. If your startup video is too long, nobody will watch it, and you will lose many potential clients. A good length for an animated marketing video is 90 seconds, this is enough time to explain your product or service without boring anybody.

Watch how this animated video explains their product in less than 90 seconds

Plus if you want to know more about marketing video scriptwriting, download our free eBook “How to Write an Explainer Video Script” or else keep browsing our daily blog to get the best explainer video production tips on the web

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