Of course you want to have a presence in the main social media platforms and you want to do it the right way.

Posting video content is of no exception and today you'll have access to some best practices that will help you get the most out of your marketing videos on these particular channels. Let's start!

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Getting The Most Out Of Marketing Videos In Social Media

We have 3 simple tips that you should bear in mind when posting video content in your social media channels. They will not only help you boost the reach of your posts but also enhance the engagement with your target audience. Check them out!

#1. Look for more

Everybody knows that the Internet is full of social media networks. Everyone also knows that some of them are perfect for posting video content, such as Vimeo, or YouTube. BUT, if you want to really succeed in the social media world by spreading your video content, you need to go one step further. This means that you have to take some time to do some research and look for other social media platforms that gather the target audience you're reaching for, due to their idiosyncrasy. From a general point of view, here we have compiled the main differences between the 5 best video hosting platforms for businesses.

Tip: not sure who you're targeting? That's not a minor detail at all. You really have to identify who you're talking to before trying to get any results. Every communication initiative must be targeted to a specific audience. These tips on how to identify the right audience for your marketing video might help!

#2. Go for the native hosting platforms, if possible

Let's be clear on this. We're not saying that you shouldn't post your marketing video in your blog by using a hosting platform like Wistia, or that you shouldn't have a YouTube channel. Nothing further from reality! We're saying that, when spreading your marketing videos on social media platforms, you should also post them in a native Facebook or Twitter video platform. As you can imagine, this will widen your reach because of the amazing integration these social media channels have with their native video platforms, features like the Autoplay, and more. This way you'll be able to get extra views and extra engagement.


#3. Optimize your videos for social media

This is a key step to maximize the visibility and reach of your videos. You have to consider basic things that will quickly grab your audience's attention and help them understand what the content is about. For instance:

  • Title: keep the title short, compelling and descriptive.
  • Description: you can add a brief description that lets them know what they will find in the video. Make it straightforward and 100% representative of what they will see.
  • Thumbnail: pick out a colorful, attractive and persuasive thumbnail that encourages your viewers to watch the content.
  • Call To Action: include a strong and compelling Call To Action that guides your viewers in the direction you want. Here you have some killer tips on how to include CTAs in animated marketing videos.
  • Category: if possible, group your videos in the right category. This will make it easier for the viewers to find the content that they're looking for.  

Want more? Don't miss these helpful tips to optimize your videos for Facebook. Also, check out these tweaks that are a must for optimizing your YouTube videos!

Stay tuned for more tips and trends on video marketing, and always, -ALWAYS!-, try to avoid these 5 sins that could ruin your social media campaign ;)


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