Explain_your_boss_that_he_need_an_animated_explainer_videosDeveloping the best explainer video you could ever think of involves choosing a professional and talented animated explainer video production company that has the ability to work as a team, communicating with effectiveness and assuring you good results properly and on time.

But, of course, you also need to put your two cents in and guide them with your feedback. Learn how!



Animated marketing video production for "AIMSI" by Yum Yum Videos


The first step to get good results is to set up goals and expectations, and also provide your vendor with any detail or information they may need to work on the project. What are the goals of the video? What´s the target audience you´re aiming at? What´s the message you want to deliver? What type of video are you looking for, and for which stage of the funnel? These are just a few questions you could ask yourself, but there are many more: try to be as specific, concise and explicit as you can so that the vendor has a clear idea of what you expect and the output you want to get. Have in mind that it´s quite hard to get to a good result if you don´t have a strong basis from where to start. At Yum Yum Videos, for instance, our clients must fill out a creative brief in order for us to fully understand the product, the target audience, the competitors and the marketing goals, and then we set up a kick off meeting to understand their expectations and define the work guidelines.


What is the best explainer video style for your business? by Yum Yum Videos


Communication is a must throughout the entire process if you want to see good results. There has to be a clear understanding between you and the animated explainer video production company and you should always focus on avoiding misunderstandings or presumptions. To accomplish this, keep communication fluid with your vendor during every step of the process, this will also be vital in order to meet deadlines that were agreed upon. This way, you’ll also make sure you´re not being surprised with any results that don´t fit your needs…


Animated marketing video production for "TELLWISE" by Yum Yum Video

Tip: it´s always helpful to understand in depth the whole video production process. If you want to review the different steps, read this article

At Yum Yum Videos we are plenty aware of how important feedback is. That´s why we provide our clients with two rounds of changes after each step of the production process, and we won´t move forward until they give us their OK.


Communication is a two-way approach. That’s why it´s also vital that you ask your vendor if you´re being clear and explicit enough for them to understand your ideas. So, every time it´s possible, ask your vendor for feedback. Check out all the information and try to make sure they have understood every detail to accomplish the task. In any communication process, misunderstandings are a very common thing, so listen carefully to their feedback, avoid assumptions and make sure that the information is aligned and that the original message was understood.   


Animated marketing video production for "TELLWISE" by Yum Yum Video

If you´re capable of working as a team with your production company, you will certainly get amazing results. Provide them with constructive feedback and let them also make their contribution: they´ve been hired for that and they should have the skills and knowledge to assist you and guide you on making the best decisions.

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