Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-INVISIBLE-thumbThink you have a good online business but feel that it’s virtually invisible to peoples’ eyes?

The problem is simple: If you don’t appear on Google, it doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, because nobody will find it. What you need is online visibility!


Today, I’m giving you 3 great tips to increase that visibility, by ranking higher on Google with the use of an explainer video. Why a video? Well, because Google loves video! They’re 53 times more likely to appear on Google’s first pages than plain text (Forrester).

An animated explainer video is a marketing video that explains who you are, what you do and how you can help your audience in an entertaining and engaging way. So, now let’s get through some useful advice on this powerful marketing tool.


1. Place it above the fold on your landing page


The amount of time visitors spend navigating on your website directly affects your rank on Google, so you must get those visitors to stay longer on your site in order to improve your position on the search engine and eventually turn those visitors into customers. You’ll have to be smart and engage them quickly, because attention spans in 2014 only stretch to a goldfish-like 8 seconds!

Placing an animated marketing video on your landing page catches visitors’ attention immediately, resulting in them staying an average 2 minutes longer (comScore). So, from the initial 8 seconds, that’s an instant 1500% boost!


2. Make it short


Your video needs to be short and compelling. If not, visitors will get bored and run away from your site. We don’t want that at all, do we? And, neither does Google.

An explainer video that lasts less than 2 minutes assures you that your potential customers get your business idea quickly, and that they watch it until the end (Wistia). Even better, if they do watch it completely, you have a 65% higher chance to convert visitors into customers.


3. Place social media links


When you embed your animated marketing video to your landing page make sure you place your social media links near the video so that they grab viewers’ attention. Bear in mind that 60% of people choose Facebook to share their videos, and 2,000 videos are shared on Twitter every minute.

Sharing your video through social media leads to even more visitors, and Google will always reward your traffic boost by heightening your rank on its search engine.


Overall, an animated explainer video might be the solution you need to boost your brand’s online visibility on Google. But, don’t forget that a marketing campaign must be always supported by regular content generation on your website and blogs, as well as relevant keywords to name your articles and videos.

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