Building trust among your target audience is not an easy endeavor but using the right resources can be a great start.


Video content is a very effective tool, as it's not only informative, educative and engaging, but it's also compelling, convincing and one of the best tools to transmit trust and confidence (and the list of benefits goes on…). With this blog post we will help you understand why brand trust is so important to encourage your prospects to choose you and learn which types of videos are the best choice to achieve this goal. Enjoy the reading!

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Brand Trust To Help A Decision

To truly understand why brand trust is so important (especially to increase sales), first let's review the different stages of the buyer's journey and how your prospect is thinking. This brief tutorial can give you a quick snapshot of the 3 main stages of the sales funnel and how you can take advantage of them:



So far, you know that:

  • At the Awareness stage your prospect is aware of a certain problem they have but, still, they have to do some research to put it into context and understand it better.
  • At the Consideration stage, they have already identified the problem and are looking for the best alternatives to address it.
  • At the Decision stage, your prospect is ready to take that final step: purchase your product. BUT to get to that point they have to trust your brand. Hence, we want to leverage the amazing power of video content to exude confidence and let them know that they will make the right decision: to choose you.

Remember that video content is attractive, inspiring, alluring, emotional and persuasive. All these characteristics help a lot to generate trust!

Best Video Types To Build Brand Trust

Now the question could be: what are the best video types to build brand trust at the decision stage of the buyer's journey? These 3 examples are a great choice if you want to transmit confidence and guide your prospects to take that final step, which is buying your product ;)

Testimonial Videos

Better than bragging about your own product, leverage the power of third-party endorsements! Consider developing a testimonial, a case study or a success story in video format and spread the word about how your product has helped other people (like your potential customers could be) to make their lives easier. You can't imagine how powerful these types of resources can be when it comes to building trust and confidence towards your brand.

Not sure what it should look like? Check out this example:

embed example of testimonial

These tips about how to create a stunning testimonial that converts might also help!

About Us Videos

Let your prospects know who you are!  Make a video using different “testimonies”. You can resort to some employee interviews and give it a more marketing/business approach, or even mix it with a more personal approach by using some client testimonials. The important thing here is to  generate empathy and identification. You can achieve this by using different resources such as storytelling techniques, attractive imagery,  cool music, and things like that. Try it out!


Process Videos

Another great resource to generate brand trust and encourage your prospects to choose your product is by developing a process video that clearly shows how you work, or some specific internal process. This type of video can work very well to offer a specific solution to a certain need they have. Remember that they're about to make up their minds about the best alternative in the market, so if you find a good way to explain to them how you do things - so that they can see it for themselves- you will definitely be gaining “points”.

How about you? Have you tried any other types of video that helped you build trust among your target audience? Share your comments with us!
Finally, don't miss these helpful recommendations to build brand love and trust with an explainer video.  


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