Video content is a must for any marketing campaign. It not only can help you gain more online visibility (it's great for enhancing your SEO efforts and it's also one of the most shareable forms of marketing content) but it's also a highly valuable tool to get new leads.


Of course, there are several types of videos you can use, depending on your marketing goals and the type of campaign you're carrying out. And, as you can imagine, there are some of them that work better to increase your sales, as they're perfect to raise brand awareness, generate trust towards your product and show your prospects why your value proposition is SO special.

Here we are today to share with you 3 great video content types that can become your key allies to increase your sales. Enjoy the reading!

Boost Your Sales By Using Video Content

Getting new leads is a huge challenge. Turning them into real customers is another huge adventure! In this sense, video content is an amazing resource to attract potential leads and guide them through the different stages till they become your customers and - why not? - your brand's advocates.

We want to share with you 3 key video content types that can help you a lot to add those leads to your “customers” list. Check them out!


Third parties praising your product is one of the best things that could happen to you. And we're not exaggerating! Customers tend to appreciate other peer's opinions VERY much. It's not you bragging about your product, but someone else who has experienced the great benefits of using it.

You can then think about creating some videos with clients talking in front of the camera, as a way to convince others about why you're better than your competition (in a subtle/indirect way, of course!). They shouldn't be longer than 30 seconds. Another option is working on some customer stories, which tend to be a little longer (maybe a couple of minutes) and talk specifically about the problem they had, how your product helped them and the positive results they achieved.  

This type of video works great to build trust in your solution and reinforce your company's value.

Here you have an example of a client's testimonial:

About Us Videos

In the “About us”  video you will talk about who your company is, but you can also talk about your employees or even include a client testimonial. This type of video is highly versatile. It also gives you the chance to add a dose of emotion (by using different resources, such as music, storytelling techniques, memorable images, etc.), which works great to set a strong bond with your potential customers. Remember: it's not about driving sales's just another useful tool to connect with your leads on a personal level.

The great thing about this type of video is that you can mix branding and marketing messages (for instance, delivered by one of the executives) but also going further and setting up another type of connection, by including employees and client testimonials. This helps a lot to establish credibility and generate empathy.

Process Videos

Making a video about how you work, or how your product works, can become a great tool to encourage your leads to take that next step and become your customers. Video content is, per se, very “magnetic”. And if you need to pass out some complex information, a specific methodology, a process or some features about your product, it's like the perfect mix between information and education, while you also generate engagement and pass out some key messages for your audience to remember. If you provide your leads with valuable information about a specific query or problem they have, you're “gaining points” to stand out from the competition.  

Is that all? Of course not! These are just a few ideas, but obviously you can resort to many other types of videos to increase your sales. Why not try surfing our blog to get some additional information? Feel free to visit us!

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