Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-APPIER-9-THUMBYou want your animated explainer video to help you boost your SEO strategy, enhance your visibility and increase conversions, right? But there´s much more than that… one of the best things that could happen to you is creating brand love and trust among your audience. 


Animated video production "What is the best explainer video style for your business?"

Getting to that point will place you as a recognized voice in your business field, as a referent. Plus, you´ll be generating interest and admiration. If you are capable of making some necessary twists to your animated marketing video, then you´ll be able to generate strong brand awareness and identification among your audience and that is priceless, my friend! Let´s see 3 different ways you can achieve this…



If your animated marketing video is not targeted to your specific audience, then it won´t get the desired results you´re aiming for. Your potential customers need to feel that the video was made for them, they want to hear a story they really care about. You have to assure them that you understand their problems and that you know how to solve them. A great way to do this is by making your characters resemble your audience. If you make them feel identified with the look, age, clothing, job and the problem of your characters, you´ll certainly generate a strong bond between you and them. You´ll be generating brand love, recognition and trust, and this will make it much easier for them to recall the animated marketing video after watching it. 




Another effective way to generate affection and identification towards your audience is by crafting the backgrounds and landscapes by having your audience’s real life and behaviors in mind. This is: always try to include in your video different places that your audience may feel identified with, such as their home, office, and so on.


This way you´ll be reaching your audience on an emotional level: they´ll feel represented by not only the characters of your video but also the scenarios and situations that contextualize the story. By generating empathy they will certainly feel more engaged with your brand and the product you´re selling. 

Check out this video we´ve developed for Ubiety and in which we´ve used…


So far, you´re making your potential customers identify with your characters and backgrounds and this is a great way to generate engagement and recognition, since you´re making them feel like you really care about them and that you understand them and solve their problem in a very honest way, without trying to sell your product “at all costs”. But there´s still one more thing you can do to generate stronger brand identity.


Colors are a very effective and quick way to generate brand identity. If you use a color pallet in your video that has nothing to do with your brand’s identity you´ll be missing a huge chance of generating brand recognition with your audience.


Conversely, using your brand colors in your animated marketing video will help you create brand awareness from beginning to end: your potential customers will easily match the colors with your brand and product, they will instantly know who is “talking” to them, and they will remember your company better. Plus, your brand will be present throughout the entire video and not only in the end, when the logo appears.

Watch this example in which we´ve customized the colors of the video considering this brand´s identity:

Now that you know how you can boost brand love and trust using a video, check out all the other benefits animated marketing videos can bring to your business! Visit our EMarketing Video Academy and learn more about how explainer videos can enhance your content marketing strategy. 


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