Working on a premium explainer video is the only option you have if you want to achieve your marketing goals.

High quality has to be the leit motiv in every single detail of your video, script, designs, animations, voice-over, music, and more. In this article you will learn how a premium explainer video can be decisive to achieve great results, and also some key characteristics it should have to meet this requirement.


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One Way Road: A Premium Explainer Video

Have you ever asked yourself what the difference is between an ordinary video and a premium video? Let's be honest: the former has nothing to do with the latter. And this is for many reasons.

First, a premium explainer video adds value to the brand and the product itself. Just from the way they are conceived and created, taking care of every single detail and being 100% adapted to your marketing goals and target audience, a premium video is meant to be effective.

Secondly, premium videos are highly memorable. Of course, video has an intrinsic characteristic of being memorable, but giving it the best quality enhances this feature even more. Because a premium video has a raison d'être: it's meant to meet marketing goals and all the resources have been used and optimized with that target in mind, not “just to get by”.

In third place, a premium explainer video conveys a solid and clear message. Every single element is used to support the script, give it some context, raise brand awareness, generate identification towards the story that is being told and the characters that appear on screen, all this by being coherent and consistent. Things are not made deliberately, in a rush or with a lack of resources. Everything is made to maximize the effectiveness of the message.

Premium Explainer Video: 4 Basics

How can you get to a premium explainer video? Well, many things are involved in this sense, but we can summarize these four:

#1: An eye on the details in every stage of the video production process

To get to a premium explainer video, you really need to be detailed-oriented in every stage of the video production process: script, designs, animations, transitions, music, voice-over, and every single element. Focus and dedication are two key factors that cannot be omitted if you want to get the best result.  


#2: Talented professionals in each step of the process

You need to hire a talented team of professionals who not only have wide experience in narrative, illustration, animation and marketing but are also very well informed and updated on the latest trends in video marketing. It's also important to have a good mix of profiles and skills (script writers, designers, illustrators, animators, producers, marketers, etc.) and fluent teamwork between every single member.

#3: Knowledge of the target audience and the marketing field

Understanding the main characteristics of your target audience will be vital to get to a premium explainer video that quickly generates engagement. Hence, you have to do some research to really capture the main interests and needs of your prospects to then be able to transmit this information to your video production company. At the same time, your vendor needs to have  thorough knowledge in the marketing field so as to know how to create a video that impacts the viewers and achieves the marketing goals you are pursuing.

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#4: Fluent communication between the video production company and the client

This is an essential consideration you should bear in mind to get to a premium video. Communication needs to flow in every stage of the production process so as to ensure everything is made properly, according to your expectations and schedule. Look for a vendor that fosters an open dialogue, privileges  direct and fluent communication and lets you participate in the production process.
So far, you know what to look for to get to a premium explainer video. But how should the ideal vendor be to help you out with this endeavor? These tips on how to choose the right explainer video company for your business could be a useful resource! Hope they help!


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