Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-OMNIVENTIA-3-THUMBWhiteboard animation videos are one of the many video styles you can choose from to promote your product or company.  They are not only engaging, but also entertaining and, above all, educational.

But... How can you tell if a whiteboard explainer video is poorly done and will frighten your audience and make them run? You might think “it couldn’t be more terrifying than “Jason´s face”…but believe me: you could make some deadly mistakes that will certainly make your audience panic…and therefore they will never come back to your website…ever.

Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-OMNIVENTIA-3Animated video production for Omniventia

Stay alert! Avoid these 5 typical ways of spoiling your whiteboard animated video…


Whiteboard video productions are perfect for educational purposes, so exploit all their benefits!

Take note, this type of animated explainer video works with any business BUT there are many other kinds of animted marketing videos and if your video isn´t educational, this technique could not be the most appropriate. Having this in mind, we only recommend this technique if your product is quite complex and your goal for the video is for it to be educational.

Check out this great example (no ghosts or zombies… don’t build your hopes up!):



No connection across the drawings = deadly results. If you don´t connect the drawings of the video, the viewer´s will easily get lost because they won´t be able to follow and understand the story you´re telling (too many start-overs or draw-and-erase sections could be lethal). Connect one image with the next one so that the storyline flows much better and becomes the essence of the video. Without this, it isn’t a whiteboard video production but a cartoon video in black and white.

Watch how we connected the drawings in this animated explainer video production (the walking dead, for next time…):



In this dark night of Halloween…don´t forget about the white background of your video! We´re talking about a WHITEboard animated video, right? Just to clarify: this animated marketing video style makes drawings on a whiteboard to tell your audience a specific story. Having it be a different color may turn out ok, but it won’t be a whiteboard video production anymore, and could make it look… weird – just keep that in mind.

Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-OMNIVENTIA-1Animated video production for Omniventia


Don´t make it gloomy, dismal and sad, but don´t make it a living color palette either. In some cases you can use some hints of your brand colors in your whiteboard animated video to reinforce your company identity, but don´t make it too colorful: just add little bits of colors in specific spots (whiteboard animation videos are traditionally black and white).

Check out this other example (no Jason face included in the middle of the video…):



I mean…not the drawing hand from Dracula, but the drawing hand from the (human) artist. One of the most distinctive features this animated marketing video has is the drawing hand, so don´t spoil it! If you don´t include the (human) hand in your video, it will certainly lose its charm and educational approach...and what´s worse: it won´t even be a whiteboard animated video.

Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-CAREPREDICT-1Animated video production for Care Predict

Last words: follow these tips when making your whiteboard video production, or there won’t be a shadow of a doubt that you´ll be guilty for the murder of it!

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