You want your company to be productive. And, in this sense, the skills and performance of each member of your staff can make a big difference.

Training your staff will definitely make them be more productive, while it can also help in raising their commitment towards the company (they see that you value them enough so as to “invest” in them). No matter if you need to teach a new procedure, share a new policy, train them regarding a new product launch, set up new house rules, or any other goal, an effective and clear communication will be essential during the whole process. To get to this point, you have to choose the right channels, and make sure that the message is delivered the right way.


In this context, digital communication channels are a great alternative to reach them. Let´s review 5 types of content you can make use of to train your team. Read on!

Why Digital Channels?

Digital channels are a very cost-effective alternative to train your team. They not only give you the chance to reach them with high quality content at a fairly low cost, but also provide you with the possibility to send them further information by using the same or other digital channels, and also make all the material available anytime, anywhere.

5 Types Of Content To Train Your Staff

What kind of content could you use to train your in-house team? Find some ideas below...

1) Infographics

As infographics work as a visual organized representation of a concept or idea, they're great to use to present complex information in a quick and clear way. You can make use of infographics to make it easier for your employees to understand any specific information. Charts or maps are just some examples. They work perfectly to pass out facts, figures and statistics that need to be digested easily. Check this example:


2) Internal Blog

Your corporate blog is a useful channel to keep your staff updated about the fresh news of your company and the latest trends in your niche. But it also works as a great platform to share specific information about policies, procedures and internal rules. Take advantage of it!

3) Internal Newsletter

An internal newsletter can work perfectly to create a sense of family among employees. It can be used to inform but also to inspire your staff. The most important thing you should bear in mind is that an internal newsletter must be focused on your staff and talk about things they really care about. You can include, for instance, product launches and any kind of news that impacts them. New hires, promotions and recognitions also work well.

4) Explainer Videos

Marketing videos can also be used to train and educate your team. Have in mind that video content is highly engaging, fun and memorable, so if you need to deliver specific information that could be hard to pass on by using other channels, resort to them. We suggest that you go over these tips in order to learn how you can use explainer videos to train your staff. Watch this example:

5) Intranet

An Intranet platform can also be immensely powerful to train your team, but it's also a little bit more complex, so you need to bear some considerations in mind. Make sure you teach your staff on how to take full advantage of it. Also, keep it updated with useful assets and documentation, and take some time to monitor how they're progressing with the usage of it.

Tip: depending on your goals, you could also consider making a fully integrated communication campaign that makes use of each of these tactics simultaneously (and also others). Just make sure you deliver the same coherent message across all channels!  

We also recommend that you read this article in which we give you some useful tips on how to integrate video and traditional text content. Get ready to maximize your training efforts!


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