Surely, you already know that with a great explainer video you can engage your audience and turn your leads into satisfied customers.

But were you aware that it can enhance your SEO as well? Read on to find out how!

Yummy Tip: For best results, be sure to place your explainer video above the fold of your landing page. That means it should be visible to visitors without them having to scroll down.


#1. Explainer Videos Help With Your Bounce Rate

When it comes to your bounce rate, less is better: a high bounce rate could mean your online advertising efforts are not paying-off. If users are visiting your site because they clicked on your ad but they are leaving quickly, that’s a bad sign.

The great thing about videos is that they need just a few seconds to completely grab your viewers’ attention. Did you know the attention span of the average website visitor is only 8 seconds?



See? Explainer videos include storytelling methods based on motion, graphics and audio, which makes them an awesome engagement tool to provide entry points to other site sections and channels.

Always remember: lower bounce rates result in fruitful ad investments!

#2. They Also Boost Your Average Time on Page Rate

Explainer videos are also amazing for another SEO metric: the average time on page rate! As you already know, marketing videos are proven to be really engaging and animated explainer videos are no exception.

Add your video to your landing page and test the results. You will surely notice an increased average time on page rate, which can be explained by your users watching your video all  the way through and maybe even replaying it or watching some bits again.

And you know what’s best? An interested user is not only someone who continues investigating about your brand, but who is also more inclined to visit your site again and convert.


#3. Explainer Videos Are Great For Social Media

SEO means backlinking and also being on every important search engine. And when it comes to videos, you just can’t miss YouTube: it is the second largest search engine in the world!

Always remember metadata is crucial to SEO, so if you add your video to YouTube you should enhance it with important information about your business. You can do this in the video description and as blurbs: links to your website and your social networks can help, and also describing briefly what you’re all about with relevant keywords.

Yummy Tip: Did you know at Yum Yum Videos we have an awesome case study which shows you step by step how to rank #1 on YouTube? It is based on the success of an animated video of our own. You can download it for free and learn all the insider details!




Regarding other social media, watch out as well! Video is the future of the internet and social media giants know that. As you might know, video content is increasingly popular on Facebook and all the important social networks. These can help boost your online presence and your SEO as well! Be sure to maintain active and interesting profiles and the results will come through.

Have you tried boosting your SEO with an explainer video? How did it go? Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us! We know the world of video marketing is fascinating and there’s a lot to learn. If you are keen on knowing more about video SEO and more, be sure to visit our blog regularly. See you there!


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