why-to-choose-explainer-videosWe’ve already reviewed the importance of considering animated marketing videos in order to create a unique identity for your company or startup in a persuasive way, getting people excited about you and inspiring them to make a move.

Explainer videos have achieved such a success and popularity thanks to their visual appeal, higher conversion rates and online brand visibility, and that’s why more and more companies are relying on them.

As such we will provide four important benefits to having a corporate video in your overall marketing arsenal.


Explainer videos are a really powerful tool for companies requiring a strong search engine presence and higher organic rankings. Did you know that video content is 53 times more likely to be found by Google and be ranked on its front page?

Since search engines are not able to read videos, it’s crucial to improve the text associated with them by using tags, titles, raw file names, meta descriptions, transcriptions, video URLs, sitemaps, rich snippets and thumbnails appropriately. Be thorough when considering these aspects and you will surely dominate! 


There is no doubt that animated explainer videos help convert viewers into customers. In fact, 140% of people are more likely to purchase a product after watching an online video. The golden rule in this regard is to have a clear call-to-action: What is your goal? Do you want potential customers to call you? Or maybe fill out a contact form? Also, animated videos improve your web traffic because people stay longer (average visit duration) and reduce bounce rates, that is, the rate at which people moves away from your website without interacting with it.


70% of internet users are watching online videos right now. And many of them love to share content. Try to upload your video production to YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, making sure to add a descriptive title and relevant tags, and you will see how viral it can be.


Explainer videos are a must for any business - they have the ability to grab consumer’s attention quickly and pass on a clear message to boost sales. And above all: they tell a story, revealing your brands’ personality while creating a bond with potential customers like no other tool.

Don’t wait any longer and start creating your explainer video today! 

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