Thinking about making a whiteboard explainer video?

These cool videos not only have all the fantastic advantages of animated marketing videos (which are engaging, persuasive, informative, attractive, memorable and shareable) but are also highly educative. So, if you need to pass out complex concepts and want to get a compelling video with a strong educational approach, this is the right choice for you. And if this is not your case, this type of video can also work great and can help you deliver your message in a cool and different way! Check out these 4 secrets of whiteboard video production to maximize the great benefits of this particular style!


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Need Some Inspiration First?

Whiteboard videos have an amazing power to transmit ideas in a very simple and engaging way. They have another huge advantage: they can quickly grab the viewer's attention as the story is created just in front of their eyes!

Prove it to yourself by watching these 2 great examples of whiteboard videos!


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4 Killer Tips to Create A Fabulous Whiteboard Video

This brief checklist can help you understand what the key elements are that your whiteboard video should have, ALWAYS (if you want to make it highly effective, of course).

#1: Make it educational

This is one of the most important features of this type of explainer video. So take advantage of that! Whiteboard videos are meant to be educational, so if you need to pass out some specific information or ideas that could be hard to understand and assimilate, then choose this style!

#2: Connect the drawings

Not a minor detail! It's vital that you connect the drawings of the video to help the viewer understand what's happening on screen. If you don't do this, too many start-overs or draw-and-erase sections could end up being harmful for your video. You need to make sure that the storyline flows. If you can't achieve this, it will turn into a black and white cartoon video rather than a whiteboard animation video. Check out this example and see how the story perfectly flows:



#3: Use a white background

WHITEboard video tells you something, right? :) Don't skip this basic thing! Just to put it simply: in a whiteboard video, the drawing hand makes some designs on a whiteboard to tell a specific story. If you try to improvise and put some other color as a background, you will wreck the nature of this particular style and it will definitely look weird.

#4: Use some hints of your brand

A whiteboard video shouldn't look gloomy or sad. But it shouldn't be too colorful either. What you can do, instead, is add some hints of your brand's color palette so as to reinforce your identity with the viewers. Piece of advice: just add a touch of color. Don't abuse this as this style is traditionally black and white ;)

#Bonus track!

This might sound obvious, but sometimes it's better to repeat some information rather than omitting it :) Don't forget to include the drawing hand! This is the essence of this type of video, the distinctive mark that makes them unique! If you don't include it you will lose its huge engaging and educational power, and what could be worse, it won't even be a whiteboard video at all.

I'm sure you are now fascinated with this explainer video style. Want more? Check out these 5 great whiteboard videos we developed for different companies and industries. Enjoy them!


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