I'm sure you would make the request to revamp your website to a professional designer.

And I also bet that you would hire an experienced copywriter to work on your brand new eBook. Why should your explainer video be an exception? It's another key marketing tool, part of your strategy, and it's really important that you take some time and focus on hiring the right vendor to develop it properly. Here we are today to assist you with this huge decision! We're going to review 4 essential tips that will be your basis when picking out an explainer video production company. Enjoy the reading!


#1: Budget Consideration

Just like in any other field, in video production you will also find a wide range of vendors. Of course, your final choice will go hand in hand with your budget. You may find the cheaper ones, the most expensive ones and, in the middle, a whole grey scale. From a general point of view, the cheaper ones will offer template animations and characters, which is definitely detrimental for your brand. On the other hand, you may find some video production companies that focus on developing customized videos, specifically for your target audience. They could be a little bit more expensive, but it's worth it: you want to make sure your target audience engages with the message you deliver.  

#2: Quality And Expertise

If you want to get an amazing video, then look for an amazing vendor. We're not exaggerating! Perform thorough research so as to find a vendor who has wide experience and expertise in explainer video production. This can definitely be the difference between a mediocre video and an awesome video (your prospects and customers will notice it, I bet!). So...as a first step, evaluate their portfolio and analyze if their previous work meets your expectations. Secondly, check to see if their videos are of high-quality. This means: pay attention to these indicators: is the message clear?; is the script engaging?; is the video branded?; do the characters represent a specific target audience?; are the animations made with high quality? (regarding moves, expressions, pauses, etc.); is the voice-over compelling and professional?; how about the music?. Analyze all these factors to see if they have achieved a good result.

#3: Communication

Good communication is the bridge you need to bring your marriage safely into port :) Fluent, clear and bilateral communication has to be your guide (and theirs) throughout the whole video production process. With this in mind, make sure the vendor demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively with you. It also has to have specific communication and interpersonal skills so as to establish an open dialogue and respond to any questions/queries you may have, in a timely and proper manner. Finally, it's vital that the video production company lets you participate during the whole production process.



#4: Feedback

What do other people say about your potential vendor? Are they happy about their service or are they disappointed? Get the most out of Web 2.0 and gather as much information as you can! Check testimonials, case studies, reviews, ratings, recommendations and anything you find out there that gives you a clue about how the vendor works. It's always more important to hear what other people say than making use of “self-compliments”...Have in mind that researching what your peers say will give you much more confidence before making the final decision.

We couldn't make a blog post of...2000 words. That's why we tried to sum it up as much as possible! But of course we have some other exclusive tips to share with you. Just download this free eBook on “How to choose the right explainer video company for your business” and find some complementary information on budget consideration, quality and expertise, communication and the importance of customer feedback. Additionally, you'll get some valuable tips on how to integrate your explainer video with other marketing campaigns. Are you going to miss it? Get your free eBook now! ;)


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