So, you’ve made it! You’ve created an incredible video for your brand… Now what?

After your brand has released the video content that meets your objectives perfectly, (whether it is an explainer video, a testimonial video or an educational one… ) the work is far from over! You can still squeeze the juice out of the hard work your team has done. How? Well, by creating more content around that video!

Creating extra content from your video means you will have extra elements to nourish your brand’s channels, and make the fun last longer. These are some ideas you can use!

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Behind the scenes

The first one requires a little bit of planning ahead.

During the making of your video, be sure to film behind the scenes takes: who’s on your team? How is the video been made? Where are you filming?

Behind the scene videos can be very fun to create and watch, and it shows the real people behind your brand, and the real work behind your video.


Create GIFs from your original video

As video lovers, we know that images are powerful tools, but moving images are completely irresistible. So, after you’ve created your video, make some animated GIFs out of it!

Creating GIFs out of your original video gives you a lot of extra content for your brand. By posting them before you release your video, you’ll also build up expectations around it- but you can also use them to tell a story: an emotion, a reaction or a situation.

I’ve got an example for you:

(This is our friend, Dracula)

This fun Dracula GIF was created out of one of our videos:


You see?

Use animated GIFs as neon signs: Flashy graphics that will grab your viewer’s attention.

Pro tip: You can convert any YouTube video into a GIF just by adding the word “gif” between “www.” and “youtube” (it’ll redirect you here)

Is your video educational? Create infographics!

Infographics that relate to the original video are a great way to build more content around it. This is especially true if your video is an educational one, a how-to or DIY, etcetera.

Why? You’re keeping your information in the visual lane: visuals are processed by our brain up to 60,000 times faster than text. So, if you want your information to reach your viewers but they’re not in the right mood to watch a video, keep it visual anyway: go for an infographic that covers the topic. Be sure to link it to the video, so you’ll keep your content intertwined.

An infographic is a great entrée (it will attract your viewers to the original video); but it also works in another way, as a way to refresh or reinforce knowledge.

Also, add a little bit of extra information to the infographic, and this way you’ll have some transmedia content right there!

Create mini clips

Divide your original video into mini clips covering different topics, and you’ll have bite-sized information ready to go. What can you do with these?

Well, first, having your long video divided into subtopics allows you to use each one of these mini clips for an individual blogpost. But also, these mini clips are great for uploading to your brand’s social media accounts: They’re short and they’re catchy. This is the secret to keeping the attention of  your viewers!

So, remember to keep creating great-quality content out of your videos! How about you keep browsing our blog for more inspiration.


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