If you have a website, you are surely interested in monitoring its traffic.

As you know, it is essential for making improvements and, of course, to enhance your site’s position in the most relevant search engines, such as Google.


One of the most important metrics to analyze is the bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who enter a website and then leave (they “bounce”), instead of staying and navigating to other pages.

But is a low bounce rate expected for all pages? It depends: a web page may do a great job of satisfying a searcher’s query without them needing to go further into the site. Nonetheless, for most pages, a low bounce rate indicates interest in knowing more about a product or service.

See four ways you can lower your website’s bounce rate and improve your SEO!

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#1: Enhance Your Page’ Layout

What happens when someone feels uncomfortable in a given place? They go away. Well, the same goes for websites. Make your visitors comfortable by offering them a professional, clean web design that enhances your information and makes it easy for people to find what they are looking for.

What is true for your layout also applies for colors and typography as well. Try to respect your brand identity as much as you can, but remember you must adapt it to suit the internet: text colors and backgrounds must be easy to read and not strain the eye, and the same goes for your font type: find a font that is easily readable, especially on longer chunks of text. Titling can be a bit more ornamented.

#2: Improve Your Website Navigability

Another aspect that will help your visitors stay on your site is improving your site’s navigability. How? Well, you can make it easier for people to follow the navigation flow you have in mind. Want them to respond to a certain call to action (CTA)? Then make it as clear as possible by highlighting that option and, whenever possible, making it almost the only one available.

Yummy fact: Having a lot to choose from causes stress! When people have too many options, they might end up choosing none.

#3: Include an explainer video

Your content must not only be relevant to your visitors, but also engaging and succinct: otherwise, people will get bored and leave. Our average, our attention span is of less than nine seconds, did you know that? That’s the reason why it is essential to catch people’s interest right away.



The good news is that videos can help you out. Explainer videos are a popular form of content because they focus on portraying your buyer’s problems instead of just being salesy about your product or service. This helps viewers feel identified with right away, which will lead them to keep watching your video.

But how does this help your website? Because a custom explainer video will have a clear and catchy CTA that will leave your audience wanting to navigate more!

Yummy Tip: Not only does an explainer video benefit your website, it will also aid your viewers! As part of an inbound marketing strategy, it can do wonders to your business.

#4: Speed page load time

All of the previous tips won’t work well with a slow website. As we told you, the average attention span of a person is too short to make them wait! Remember: your visitors’ time is precious.

For this reason, it is best if you ensure your site has an optimal loading time! Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Reduce self-loading multimedia content.
  • Sett external links to open in new windows.
  • If you have ads, avoid them as they interfere with your site too much: no self-loading multimedia, no popups.

Yes! Lower bounce rates are possible, as you can see. And keeping your content up to date can greatly help you with this. There is a reason why content is king and videos are the future of the internet! If you want to know more about how to boost your inbound marketing with an explainer video, download our free eBook and learn all the perks. Have a good one!


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