Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-KALA-3-THUMBEngagement is the key ingredient that gives you the chance to gain your audience's loyalty and trust. It's about establishing a bi-directional communication, giving them the opportunity to interact and communicate with you, the way they want and at the precise moment they want. By engaging your visitors, they'll end up turning into your advocates and brand ambassadors.

Your audience is there to talk but also to listen. And, of course, by engaging them you also increase your chances of turning them into your customers. Moreover, they'll start to recommend your product to others and will also eventually become loyal repeat customers. Make use of these 4 useful tactics to engage your visitors!

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Your website is like your business card: the first impression is what really matters. Take the time and think about all the aspects you can improve or revamp on your website, in order to boost conversions through engagement: keep the design simple, responsive, user friendly and memorable; make sure the navigation is easy and that you have a clear menu; check that the site is efficient and that it loads quickly; include Call To Actions on every page; use landing pages that are designed to convert; measure results via Analytics and make the necessary improvements; have a good site search box; offer a live chat help; make sure the advertisements are not intrusive…and this is just to start.

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Infographics, e-books, whitepapers, slides, podcasts, newsletters, and so much more. Amazing content will attract your audience’s curiosity. Engage your visitors by providing interesting, relevant and valuable content: not only will you be engaging them but also scoring points on lead generation, brand awareness, sales, customer retention, conversions, and more. Animated marketing videos, for instance, are one of the most interesting, catchy and entertaining mediums to use in order to grab your audience’s attention. With the right video content, you can increase the average time visitors spend on your site by 2 minutes, and also boost your conversion rates by an average of 20%.  To learn what the best animated explainer video style for your business is, watch this video:


Through your blog, you can offer valuable content to your audience and also interact directly with them. Make sure you provide your readers with relevant and appealing content, positioning your company as a reference in the industry and up-to-date on the latest news and trends.  At the end of the post, always include a clear Call To Action, encourage them to leave comments and feedback, and also to share the article on social media platforms.

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Speaking of the devil… Social media is a great way to increase conversions through engagement  by gaining visibility for your brand. You can leverage several tactics to build rooted relationships with your fans and join their conversations: create and join groups and forums, hold contest and promotions, conduct surveys, respond quickly and thoroughly to their comments and suggestions, share third-parties content, and post regularly and consistently, just to give you a few ideas. 

Finally, and just as a reminder, make sure you transmit a coherent message through all of your communication channels.

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Setting up a two-way dialogue and gaining your audiences interest and loyalty will definitely lead you to improve your conversion rates, so take some time to work on your brand awareness and engagement and see the results.

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