Here at Yum Yum Videos, we know online marketing is all about exploring and getting creative so we are all in for trying new solutions to step up old marketing strategies.

If you are looking to boost your marketing game, have you thought about using explainer videos yet? You’ve surely heard videos are the ultimate marketing solution! If you want to know why, keep on reading to find out the top five reasons you should submerge yourself in the wonderful world of video marketing now.


#1: Videos Are the Most Engaging Form of Content

Being audiovisual, videos profit from both images and sound. Combine both of these with the time factor, which enables animation and creative storytelling, and voilà! Videos are the most effective way to help your audience feel identified with what you are portraying.

This is the reason why explainer videos include interesting narratives and often characterize the buyers even before presenting the product or service. See how catchy they can be:

#2: They Are Great Teachers

The huge array of resources that make videos so engaging also helps to explain new ideas and concepts in the simplest of ways. Think about it this way: our brains stress much less when they learn from videos because they don’t have to make as much effort as when processing text.

For this reason, if you have a complex product or service that you want your potential customers to get to know in a minute or so, an explainer video is the definite solution.

#3: They Reinforce Brand Awareness and Trust

Animated explainer videos help incite brand awareness and even make your company trustworthy to your viewers. How is this? A custom made explainer video will be tailor made for your brand, which means that it will portray your brand persona, will includes your brand colors, the animation will be top-notch and you can even choose the voiceover actor that fits your audience, amongst other benefits.

As your video represents your brand, a quality video will portray your business as a quality one.

#4. They Are Mobile Friendly

As you might already know, the future of the internet is mobile! With ever faster smartphones and higher bandwidths, mobile videos are here to stay. Did you know 65% of Facebook views are now happening on mobile, and 50% of all YouTube traffic is now mobile as well?

Not only do videos adapt to every screen size and format, but also think about your average mobile user. She or he is always on the go, is a professional multitasker and is constantly busy, so it is of no surprise that they will prioritize brief and dynamic content. As you already know, explainer videos are simple and concise: they are the perfect match!

#5: They Are Analytics Heaven

Is there such a thing? With video marketing, there is. Your own explainer video will allow you to measure consumption stats and metrics like no other form of content. With the perfect video hosting service you can know if your viewers watched your entire video, if they stopped watching at a given moment (and when it was) and even if there were any replays.

Yummy Tip: At Yum Yum Videos we host our good stuff at Wistia and are pretty happy with the results!

Have your tried video marketing yet? We’d love to know! If you haven’t, there is no excuse after reading these five major reasons you should definitely start thinking about your inbound marketing strategy with videos in it. But there are even more reasons! Keep on reading our blog to find out what they are  and stay up to date with the latest on animated explainer videos and content marketing. 


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