The Holiday Season is really close, so it’s about time you start waking up your creative elves and prep your marketing actions for this Christmas.

We know planning a strategic campaign is already hard enough, but cooking up a creative one is a challenge on its own! If you need some awesome inspiration, keep on reading and get those creative juices flowing with these five remarkable Holiday campaigns.

#1: Starbucks - Cup Magic

Channels: Facebook and email.

Year: 2011

Holidays are all about magic! That’s something Starbucks managed to infuse their coffee with during the Christmas season of 2011. During the Holiday season, Starbucks customers could download their app and scan Starbucks cups, coffee bags and even their signage to discover the hidden characters and see them come to life in several merry holiday scenes.

That’s some nice augmented reality entertainment years before Pokémon Go! These kinds of marketing actions are great because they blend the online world with the offline world and incite customers to visit their stores.

#2: UPS – Wishes Delivered

Channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Year: 2014, 2015, 2016

Inspired by the idea that “Every delivery starts with a wish”, UPS launched an awesome social media campaign that goes well beyond marketing.

Wishes Delivered is a crowd-sourced donation idea that’s focused on making dreams come true. To be a part of it, people were encouraged to share their wishes with the hashtag #wishesdelivered. Not only did UPS donate one dollar for each submission, but the winners also had their inspiring desires come true.

Helping others is a great incentive to getting others to participate in a brand-based action. Not only did they inspire people emotionally but they actually make a difference. The results are always a win-win!

#3: Dorito’s UK – #BoldAdvent

Channel: Twitter

Year: 2015

Great content is always a huge “yes!” when it comes to online marketing and Doritos definitely knew how to handle that: they created engaging and funny videos that definitely appealed to their young, informal audience in this super relevant Christmas campaign.

Every day, Doritos shared a video on Twitter asking people to reply by tagging three Twitter friends so they could win a Christmas party kit. In this way, they viralized the campaign and presented a fun way to engage with the brand.


Because they planned four lucky draws for their #BoldAvent campaign, they could make it last more than just a few days!

#4: GBK’s Humburger Jumpers

Channel: Twitter

Year: 2015

Giving and cute, that’s the Christmas we love. Gourmet Burger Kitchen mixed both beautifully –and cozily!– with their super seasonal Bah Humburger Christmas Jumpers.

For one day, Twitter users could order their Bah Hamburger bundle to get their Christmas Jumpers. On another day, they asked their followers to join in their Twitter contest for jumper giveaways.

They look awesome because they’re so funny! Wouldn’t you want yours? Content that incites emotion is always a good road towards a successful campaign.

#5: Stella Artois: ‘Under the Stars’

Channel: Website, YouTube.

Year: 2015

Christmas can be witty, sarcastic, cute, funny… but also pretty emotional. By relying on artist John Legend to create beautiful music, Stella Artois gave a new meaning to their brand name by further establishing the association between a Christmas star and their brand through the campaign ‘Give Beautifully’.

In it, John Legend worked with an astrophysicist to give life to Under the Stars, a project in which the beautiful composition is arranged along the sounds created by the vibrations of stars. “Stella Artois was originally crafted as a holiday gift to the city of Leuven, Belgium and we want to pay tribute to our original story and inspire the entire country to give beautifully this holiday season,” said Ricardo Marques, vice president of Stella Artois. “Our star-studded collaboration with John is our holiday gift to America, a piece of our storied legacy memorialized in the most beautiful way.”

In this way, Stella managed to create brand awareness during the Holiday Season and at the same time, give this awesome gift of an exclusive track as a present to their customers.

What about your very own Holiday memories? Do you remember a particular Christmas campaign that you loved? If so, please let us know! Let’s share the Holiday goodness.

If you’re thinking of new, smart and exciting ways of fueling your marketing efforts this season, we’d be glad to help you out. Don’t hesitate to contact us, make sure you let us know what’s on your mind!

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