Video marketing is your ace up the sleeve, your big opportunity to provide your audience with fun, engaging and valuable content, no matter what stage of the buyer's journey each prospect / customer is going through.

Hubspot office explainer video

Video content offers you so many possibilities that you can use for any marketing goals you might have and for any audience you want to aim for.

The thing is that, to generate some kind of differentiation towards the competition, marketers need to make use of videos very wisely. Some companies are already implementing GREAT video marketing actions and we've chosen some of the best ones to share with you. Here we go!


As you might know, Moz is one of the most remarkable companies regarding SEO and inbound marketing. They have also found out the way to position its former CEO and founder Rand Fishkin as a leader in the industry: they've worked on Whiteboard Friday, a video series in which they share information on different key topics in their niche. The comprehensive treatment of each topic, the quality and transparency of its work, and Fishkin’s own sympathy, has gathered loyal followers and a considerable amount of video views.  


Hubspot has a great reputation in the B2B (and also B2C) marketing space as a referent in inbound marketing. They have made strong efforts to position themselves in this space and video marketing has been a key component of their branding strategy. If you take some time to check out their online channels, you'll see that they've worked on many different types of videos: tutorials, success stories, product launches, and more.

One tactic that has been highly effective for Hubspot is creating educational videos, like this one:


Salesforce is another good example of outstanding marketing videos initiatives. Besides working on “classical” video stuff, such as customer success stories, they've also gone one step forward, surprising other companies and, of course, their audience itself.


Buzzfeed is a social news and entertainment company that has grown greatly in the past years. Its main audience is made up of millennials,  and they know it and understand it perfectly; they create special video content, which is also fun, catchy and amusing to meet this audiences needs. For instance, they post challenges, taste tests and humorous parodies. Moreover, they've also launched a channel called Proper Tasty that features how-to videos. Of course, they have an entire YouTube channel to promote their engaging video content.

Bulls Bikes

Bulls Bikes also knows how to deal with video marketing. They are constantly creating new video content to feed their YouTube channel, and they certainly know how to address its audience’s pain points and entertainment needs: they even developed a special documentary that sums up the Team Bulls participation in the Absa Cape Epic competition. We ourselves had the honor to make an explainer video for this company that is constantly looking for new ways to provide their fans with amazing video content. Check it out:

These 5 companies are definitely rocking in video content! Would you like to get more inspiration? Watch these 5 great video marketing campaigns that will blow your mind! You can also visit us at Facebook and Twitter and check out the exclusive content for our social networks. 

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