Did you know that the script is one of the most important elements in video production?

You might be really excited about developing your brand new video but first you need to be aware of some “condiments” that have to be in your recipe, and those that should not be there. Learn about 5 typical mistakes that are frequently made in video scriptwriting! 


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Explainer Video Script Writing: 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid

You want to get the best results out of your animated marketing video, right? We're here to make things easier for you! :) So we've compiled some of the most common mistakes many marketers (and video production companies also!) make when developing the video script, while we will also give you some tips on how to avoid them. Believe me...this will be highly useful for the moment you hire the video production company that will work on your video.

Now let's give them a quick review…

#1 Making it too long

If you make your explainer video too long it will definitely lose its effectiveness in terms of engagement. Keep in mind that there are some studies that confirm that 30-second videos are watched all the way through by 85% of the audience, but 2-minute videos are watched by just 50% of them. Conclusion? Videos that are longer than 2 minutes register a drastic drop in views. Suggestion? 90 seconds is the perfect length for your video! Check out this good example:

#2 Forgetting about your target audience

Many marketers forget about the target audience they're talking to and this is a fatal mistake, in video production and for any other communication initiative they could be implementing. In your case, make things right: craft the characters, backgrounds and landscapes of the story by having your audience in mind. This will be essential in order to generate a strong identification towards the story you're telling. Additionally, you will create a strong emotional bond towards your brand: they will feel that the video was specifically made for them!

Here you have an example of a custom explainer video that features characters, landscapes and backgrounds specially designed to fit with the target audience:

#3 Not sticking to the basic structure

This is another typical mistake: following a “freestyle method” and consequently making the video look awkward, complicated and jumbled. The best thing you could do in this case is follow the basic explainer video script structure. So, you'll have: a beginning of the story (the “what”, to explain what problem your company solves), a middle (the “how”, how does your company solve that specific problem?), and finish with an end (the “why”, why is your product is the best option when compared to competitors?). This way you will get to a highly memorable and coherent video!

#4 Centering in on your brand

Talking about your brand and how great your product is is not a good move...at least not at this stage. If you do this, viewers will easily get bored and frustrated because they are not finding a solution for their needs. Instead, focus the script on the pain points your target audience has and make them feel that you are “the one” to help them with their problems.

Here you can see how the pain points are clearly expressed and how the story evolves around it.  No “brand bragging” at all!

#5 Improvising

Improvisation is not a good choice at this point. You have to make a 100% professional video that can pass out a clear, engaging and compelling message to captivate your audience. With this in mind, carry out thorough research about the best practices about scriptwriting (just like you're doing!)  and learn how you can get the most out of your video.

Tip: remember that hiring a professional video company that can help you throughout the entire production process is always the best choice, rather than developing it by yourself or by using  basic video production software. This brief eBook on “How to choose the right explainer video company” gives you interesting tips on the matter.  

Finally, take a few minutes to review the whole video production process, step by step, so that you can fully understand what each stage implies. Enjoy it!


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