Among the different marketing tools you can resort to, an explainer video is a must in your list.
Explainer videos are basically videos that explain a business, and there are infinite different ways to create them. Exploring all the possibilities to do this must be a fascinating task. However, regardless on how interesting that could be, in the end, we marketers need to deliver results. This means we want to cut costs as much as possible. Therefore, we don’t want infinite choices, but rather a limited number of foolproof plans. That’s why explainer video formats exist. This are different approaches to explainer video making. The more you know about them, the better you will use them, and the better results you will get.

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Whiteboard Videos

They consist of drawings and writings that appear in the video over a white background, resembling a whiteboard. The star in this type of video is the explanation. The whole point of emulating a whiteboard, and therefore an educational context, is to make your audience ready for a complex dissertation. Therefore, whiteboard videos are your best choice if your product isn’t that easy to understand, or if you need it to be long –explainer videos shouldn’t last more than 90 seconds, but you can extend this time span if you use a whiteboard video–. 

This video for Fraudlogix surpasses that length and is quite complex to grasp, but it makes a clear point and keeps the audience’s attention.

Motion graphic videos

Also oriented to more didactical messages, motion graphics videos are however different to the whiteboard style. On one hand, they are a combination of animation and graphic design, so they use color much more. This is important if you want color to have a strong presence in your video either for branding reasons or any other motive. On the other hand, they won’t keep your audience’s attention for  an extra long time period, but they can use all sorts of infographic-style elements to convey complex concepts.

Moreover, this video style can be more formal than others. This makes it an excellent choice if your audience consists, for example, of company owners or managers.

Our video for DivorceGuru is a nice example. Being divorced is such a tough issue, so excitement is out of the question. Instead, a more formal, yet dynamic and positive tone is best to use in this case.

Live action videos

This is the one explainer video style that is actually filmed. Whenever you need to establish yourself as accountable in a more personal fashion, this format is a good choice.

It’s rather common for many people to think that this type of video is more economic than others, since it wouldn’t require much technical skill. This is not correct most of the time, in fact they can be as costly as an animated video, considering that they require production, scriptwriting, acting, edition… Of course, you can do it yourself, but unless you are a trained filmmaker, you’ll realize that, ultimately, getting your video to guarantee your business’s image as a professional company, will most likely come at a cost.

This video for Heard Absurd, a mix-and-match app for kids, seizes the opportunity to explain how the app works, as it features their cute and happy customers in the process.

Screencast video

This format is very economical, even with a professional touch, which makes it ideal for startups. It features the screens that a program or application shows as a certain task is performed on, so it can explain how it is done. Any software-related company or any company that needs to explain how to use  software or a web page, can use this format to their benefit. 

Kitsy Lane’s screencast explainer video does a good job of walking you through their online store features, without neglecting the importance of a professional presentation.

Character animation videos

Well, this one uses animated characters. Pretty straightforward, right? Well, this simple trait makes it one of the most engaging types of explainer videos. This is so, because characters imply storytelling. Moreover, characters can be customized to represent their audience’s profile: if you are addressing 35 year old businessmen, the hero of your story can be this age group and be involved in that line of work. This creates identification and a connection with the audience. 


In addition to choosing a format, a great way to figure out how you would like your explainer video to be, is by trying to write it all down. To help yourself do this, you can download our free guide on how to write an explainer video script. It’s a smart thing to decide what you want your video to be like. But once you know what that is, the best thing you can do for your company with this information is to let professionals handle the hard work for you.


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