If you're looking for a highly engaging video style with a strong educational approach, then a whiteboard video is your best choice.

And if you work with IT solutions, software or any other B2B product or service, then it’s even better (of course, they can be used for any other business!). Whiteboard animated videos have an amazing capability to explain complex ideas in a very simple way. They also have a strong power to capture your audience's attention, since the story is created in front of the viewer's eyes.

But, instead of speaking too much about them, we would prefer sharing some great examples with you that speak for themselves. Check out these 5 fabulous whiteboard animated videos!

1) Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson

By: Riverhead Books

This is a great example of how you can make a video longer than 90 seconds, and still grab your audience's attention. It has high quality images, slick animations and a strong narrative. It manages to inform the viewers without spoiling too much information about Johnson's book.

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2) Born to Learn

By: 21st Century learning Initiative

It has a great script that will definitely make you think (while the message is really simple to understand).

3) RSA ANIMATE: Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

By:The RSA

This whiteboard video is a little bit longer than others. It's amusing but, at the same, it's informative. A great resource they've leveraged: making the viewer ask themselves thought-provoking questions.

4) CarePredict

By: Yum Yum Videos (Hey! Of course we were going to include one of ours. We love what we make for our clients!)

This video has a great connection between drawings, which makes the story highly understandable and smooth. It also provides some hints of the brand's colors so as to reinforce its identity.

5) Coca-Cola Content 2020

By: Cognitive Media

Coca-Cola makes use of the whiteboard technique to create a compelling, inspiring and thought-provoking story that sums up how they plan to use the “liquid and linked content development” to create emotionally-connected brand stories.

Great examples of whiteboard animation explainer videos, don't you think? If you want to learn more about this style, check out this article.

How about you? Have you already used the whiteboard animation technique for any of your videos? Share your case with us!

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