Hey you, entrepreneur! Are you looking for a highly compelling, engaging and persuasive way to communicate with your current and potential customers? Video content is the answer you are looking for!


Video is one of the best types of content that you can use to promote your startup. Not only does it give you the chance to explain your business idea in just a few seconds, but it also boosts your online visibility, builds branding and helps you increase your conversions and sales. (Piece of advice: read this article and learn what marketing videos can do for your company).

An image is worth a thousand words. That's why we've picked out 5 great startup videos that will certainly inspire you to make one yourself. You'll notice that they all have very different styles, but at the same time they're still highly creative, engaging and -definitely- effective. Well...that's the key point: showing you that there's a huge stylistic diversity of explainer videos you can make use of to promote your startup. Enjoy them!

1) Spotify Promo U.S. Launch

SPOTIFY Promo U.S. Launch from Magnus Östergren on Vimeo.

This video was made to introduce Spotify's music app to the market. It has no voice over; just a very cool soundtrack and wonderful aesthetics.

2) How To Airbnb

By: Adam Lisagor

To explain their business, Airbnb decided to make a combination of live action video and screen captures. Great result! Tip: take a look at this blog post and learn how both techniques can be merged!

3) DollarShaveClub.com - Our Blades Are F***ing Great

By: Kennedy

Here we have a good dose of humour. The star of the video is Michael Dubin, founder of the company. When launched, the YouTube video drove a huge amount of traffic, which ended up crashing the company’s server in the first hour. As soon as Dubin got the server working, he recruited a team of friends and contractors to help fulfill the 12,000 orders that arrived in the first 48 hours after launching the video.

4) The Future Belongs to the Curious

By: One Year Study

This is a highly touching video, and a great example of storytelling. In this inspirational video, Skillshare encourages us to never lose our sense of curiosity or wonder.

5) The World Of Tortilla Land


Yes! Now it's our turn! :) We're proud of every single video we make for our clients, and this is a good example. It´s a funny and appealing character animation we've developed for Tortilla Land, in which we explain their business idea in just 60 seconds. This slick and colorful animation includes custom made characters that were also used in other marketing campaigns for the brand.

Creativity has no limits. And you have at your disposal a wide range of video styles you can choose from in order to reach your audience with a compelling and tailored message. Check out this tutorial which will certainly help you choose what the best fit for you is!

We also invite you to surf our Explainer Video Academy to learn interesting tips on video marketing, SEO, branding, and more.  


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