Instagram is a great channel to build brand awareness, gain more visibility, and most of all, connect with your target audience on a fun and laid-back platform. 

Instagram also gives you the possibility to show off your brand's personality through exclusive visual content and therefore increase your engagement with your customers. And hey, talking about engagement... video content is highly engaging! Would you like to know how you can optimize your video marketing strategy for Instagram? Read these tips and learn how you can get the most out of them.


Getting Ready - Some Background Data

Let me share with you some good reasons to use Instagram (and video content in particular) to promote your brand and products.

  • - Instagram has 300 million monthly users and lots of images uploaded every single day.
  • - 34% of US internet users are now using Instagram.
  • - It is second only to Facebook in terms of US audience penetration. 
  • - It offers a huge opportunity for businesses that dominate in a more niche, image-centric network.
  • - According to  research, visual content is the most important tactic that businesses use for optimizing their social media content.
  • - In the last 6 months, the time people spent watching videos on Instagram increased by more than 40%.
  • - Instagram has recently announced it has extended their video's length to 60 seconds (previously, Instagram videos were limited to 15 seconds). Good news!

  • More time to tell GREAT stories. It even gives you the possibility to include a compelling and creative Call To Action at the end ;)

Making Killer Videos For Instagram

How can you create a great Instagram video? These tips might help...

#1: Be Consistent

No one likes to follow an inconsistent and changing brand. Make sure you are consistent both in content and aesthetics. Define your Instagram video strategy: What´s the main goal you're pursuing? What type of video content are you going to post?  What will be your design preferences? How often are you going to post? All this data will be essential to create high quality content and prepare your audience with what to expect from you.

#2: Go Behind The Scenes

Rather than deliberately advertising on Instagram, use video content to take your people behind the scenes and tell them about your product and your brand. You can leverage the “Behind The Scenes” videos to give some kind of preview footage on upcoming issues. You can also show what a day at your office is like, backstage material of an event and any other resource that gives your audience an inside look on who you are, what you do and how you do it (in other words, your brand's personality). 


#3: Download Editing Apps

A well-edited video can make a huge difference. It's really important that you find a way to differentiate your brand from your competition. There are tons of free apps out there (of course, some of them better than others) that can give you a huge hand in applying the right color balance, transitions, music, sound effects, and more.

#4: Be Funny and Entertaining

People are on Instagram just to have fun and pass time, not to hear (or watch) how great your product is. Take that time to break free and don't be afraid of having a sense of humor (of course, there are some exceptions; it all depends on your industry, niche, and the type of company you are). Old Spice's video marketing campaign is a great example of grabbing people's attention by using humor.


#5: Capitalize on Events and Trending News

You can also capitalize on events or trending news to make a themed explainer video. Christmas, Halloween, a special sports event, a Presidential election, or anything else.they all might help to generate buzz and gain more exposure. Nike, for instance, doesn’t generally produce a high amount of video content on Instagram, but when it does, it takes the opportunity to capitalize on huge events such as cricket. Another example: during the 2014 World Cup, GoPro showed the futbol culture in the streets of Brazil using its own products.

So, considering the great reach social media platforms can give to your brand, and how engaging video content can be, merging these two ingredients can boost your marketing efforts in many senses. Facebook is another great platform to use to promote your videos. Haven't you already read the article we've written on how to optimize your Facebook videos? Don't waste any more time! Get the most out of your video content on different social networks!



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