If you're aiming at a young audience, avid users of social media platforms, and you're looking for a new way to connect with them, you can't miss Snapchat.

This fast-growing social platform currently has an estimated 100 million daily active users (about 200 million monthly active users, while -just as a reference- Twitter has 320 million monthly active users). Its main core audience is between 13 and 25 years old. And there´s more: Snapchat users are sending about 400 million snaps a day. Pretty amazing (and a little bit scary), isn't it?


Tons of content is shared on Snapchat to satisfy users' hunger.  And video in particular, since it is the main type of content here, is a great opportunity to get the most out of the amazing features that Snapchat puts at your disposal. Learn how you can maximize your video marketing efforts on this ever evolving social network!

Know It From Within

As a first step, you should care about approaching the field in which you're moving. Don't start running your Snapchat brand account without doing some previous research on what this platform has to offer, how it works, who the typical Snapchat users are, what they do, what slang they use, what type of content they demand, and any other detail that helps you set up your strategy. This is a must: just like on other social networks, first you have to turn yourself into a “regular” user and explore it from within.

Create Customizable Geofilters

With the introduction of on-demand geofilters, now you have the chance to create a customizable geofilter for any private event you're running. And yes, this could be a quite expensive inversion, but it's also a huge marketing opportunity. Just try to picture your customers decorating their snaps with your brand logos, or dressing them with the geofilter you've created for that specific event. What´s the result? Massive branding and exposure for your brand!


Use Stories

Just like people on Snapchat love producing content (users are now watching 10 billion videos a day on the application, up from 8 billion in February), they also like to consume it. Snapchat Stories delivers a great chance to produce specific content for your audience, while giving them the opportunity to watch a 24 hour narrative developing almost in real time, before it “self destructs”.

Leverage Story Replies

While some time ago you only had the chance to reply to stories in a separate message, Snapchat now gives you the possibility to reply to a specific content piece by swiping up from the bottom of the display and opening a new chat window. Although you may not be able to reply to everyone, this is an interesting opportunity to increase the user engagement by really, personally caring about what they have to say.

Go Behind the Scenes

Another way to leverage the video idiosyncrasy of Snapchat is by going behind the scenes and build up branding around upcoming events, launches, conventions or other activities. You can also do this by showing off internal processes, workspace environments, product teasers, members of your team with their day to day work, and more. The hour stories are a great format to narrate these kind of things. Check out Miss Universe's example:


Tip: if you still have doubts about whether you want to use Snapchat for your explainer videos or not, read this blog post in which we analyze in detail all the benefits this social network can bring for your business.

Talking about social media...we also recommend that you take a look at these useful statistics that will certainly help you define your marketing strategy. Happy reading!

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