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Today, we will be talking about the average time on page rate.The average time your users spend on any page cannot be considered as a “the more, the better” KPI. As we have mentioned before, it must be thought along other data so that you are able to extract conclusions from it.

improve time on page with animated explainer videos

Another fact to bear in mind is to consider it in its context, in this case, that would be the page you are measuring. What do we mean? Well, we usually want our average time on page to be high, because that is to say, your users are staying a lot on every visit to a certain page. They are surely highly engaged with the content that is there, aren’t they?

Well, it depends. Is a high average time on page great if the page you are measuring is a download or  check out page? Think again! A high value in this case might mean your users spend too much time trying to figure out how things work or maybe they are not provided with enough information to wrap-up the download or purchase process smoothly.

Now that you know how to use this metric to your advantage, follow these tips to further improve it!

1) Good design

Good design is peace. Yes, we mean it! Web users spend less than a few seconds on a site before they decide if they should stay or they should go, so you should provide them with a clean, polished design.

Top design will mean information is in an appropriate hierarchy, that users will understand what they ought to do next, that your website will load as it is meant to from any device, that your branding efforts translate your value proposition accordingly and so, so much more.

Navigating a site peacefully will incite its users to keep on sailing those calm waters, which takes us to the next point!

2) Good user experience

Related to good design is a great user experience. A great website will be clear enough for users to explore without getting tired, frustrated or feeling insecure about the veracity of what is published, why they should provide you with certain information whenever they complete a form and so on and so forth.

A great experience is that in which the person navigating barely notices that they are navigating. Why is that? Because a great site will not meddle with their experience! So, make sure your website is intuitive and easy to browse.

improve user experience with animated explainer videos

3) Videos

Videos! The ultimate marketing resource. A great video can do wonders for your website metrics and KPIs!

For starters, a custom marketing video will increase the average time on page rate as it will engage your viewers to keep watching. Did you know shoppers who watch an explainer video before making a purchase are 1.81 times more likely to complete it? That is because videos are so illustrative, informative and interactive, that they bring trust!

What is more, midway through 2015, mobile video plays exceeded 44% of total video plays. That is to say, up 74% from 2014 and 844% since 2012! Video is the future, or actually it’s already the present, of online marketing, so you can’t miss out!

4) High quality images

If videos can position your business as totally pro and future-forward, clear and professional images are the basics of good websites nowadays. Did you know that when people hear information, they're likely to remember only 10% of it just three days later? However, if a relevant image is paired with that same piece of info, people were shown to retain 65% of it three days later. Amazing!

5)Success stories

Success stories have a greater chance of going viral than just information and stats. Why is that? Well, we all like to see how other people have succeeded: we find these stories inspiring and motivational. And if they are engaging enough, users will feel compelled to share them.

kala animated explainer video

Cool insider tip as a reward for reading up until here: As Google Analytics measures the time a user spent on a page by taking into consideration when they navigated to your next pageon a page by taking into consideration when they navigated to your next page, if a certain page is the last page in that session, there is no way to know if the time was actually zero, as Google states.

What can be done? Take this metric carefully! You might have a particular landing page with a high bounce rate. But maybe those “bounces” were actually highly engaged with the content on the page!

Now it’s your turn to say what you think! Do you take into consideration the average time on page when looking at your website metrics? Let us know why!

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