Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-Writing-Mistakes-THUMBWe’ve explained in detail how to write an animated explainer video script (in case you missed it, here’s the free eBook and infographic), but we didn’t tell you the odds!

Grab a notebook and your favorite cup of coffee: today you’ll learn the 5 typical mistakes that could ruin your marketing video script, and -of course- how to work them out.


1. Making it too long

Don’t try to explain everything in one single video! The whole idea of making an animated marketing video is to make things as brief as possible; that’s explaining your product or service in a snappy, fun and simple way in order to catch the viewer’s attention. You don’t need to make a tutorial out of it!


If your video is too long it will be boring and dull and you’ll miss the marketing objectives you’re expecting to get with it; and that means losing a lot of potential clients!


2. Not sticking to the classic structure

There’s a basic script structure taken from every classic Hollywood movie (from Casablanca to The Avengers) that, over a few modifications, works perfectly for explainer video production.


That structure has 3 main acts: beginning with the “what” of your video (what’s the problem your company solves), then the “how” (how does your company solve that problem) and ending with the “why” (why should your audience choose your solution among others?).

Not knowing this basic structure and not sticking to it, will make your video look awkward and strange: most people won’t get it right away and it won’t be engaging.

*Sometimes the “How” and “Why” parts are quite similar, we discuss this matter in our eBook on explainer video scriptwriting.


3. Putting your brand over your clients problems

This one’s a very common mistake and it usually takes place by not following the basic structure we’ve just mentioned. A lot of companies start their marketing videos by talking about how awesome their brand is, but they don’t deal with the problem they’re supposedly solving.


Those brand-centered video scripts are quite salesy and people tend to lose interest in them right away. Why? Because the audience doesn’t want to hear about your brand yet; they want to solve their problems first, and that’s where your script should be aimed!


4. Not checking the words by a native speaker

Any marketing video script must be checked by a native speaker of the audience of the Country you’re targeting. Many times, your target market isn’t located in your Country.


Say you’re in Italy and want to sell a new product in the US. In this case you need to hire a US-native professional scriptwriter to check your script, search for probable misspells, mistakes or idioms and leave the message clear as water for your target audience.


5. Making it all by yourself

As you can see, making an animated marketing video is not that easy. There are many professionals that are dedicated exclusively to video scriptwriting and they’ve studied a lot to get there.

Therefore, we always recommend that marketing video scripts should be made by professionals. Though if you need to reduce production costs, writing your own script can be a good way to start.


Learning the basics about marketing video scriptwriting and video production is quite helpful especially to learn if things are on the right track and know how to choose the right explainer video company (here’s an exclusive eBook about the subject, by the way).


If you want to learn more about animated marketing video production, here’s a fun slide that easily explains how to make an animated video from scratch:


Hungry for more? Learn all about marketing video scriptwriting inside our new eBook: “How To Write An Explainer Video Script (A Step-by-Step Guide)” or visit our Explainer Video Academy and get our educational infographics, slides and the rest of our handy eBooks.

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